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Table of Contents

Our Purpose

Welcome to TestBoostersReview.com – the most comprehensive and informative site on boosting your testosterone naturally!

testosterone booster reviews ratings guidelines

Our purpose is to provide men all over the world with the knowledge and tools they need in order to protect, preserve, and increase their testosterone naturally. We believe that testosterone is much more than just a male sex hormone, and that it is the essence of a man's unique maleness. We believe that healthy and vibrant testosterone levels provide an endless wealth of physical, mental, and emotional health benefits for all men. With that said, we also know that various modern-day dietary, lifestyle, and environmental factors have negatively impacted the overall testosterone levels in our current generation of men. Compared to previous generations, more men and younger men are dealing with issues related to low levels of testosterone than ever before in history. Providing well-researched and scientifically proven natural dietary and lifestyle solutions to combat the assault on men's testosterone levels became the inspiration for this site. Thank you for visiting our site, and we look forward to serving you and becoming a trusted resource for you now and in the future.

We approach things like naturally boosting testosterone in a holistic fashion, which means we don’t ONLY focus on just supplements. We also research and share health, fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle information, in addition to the supplement reviews, that also help you to naturally boost your test levels and improve your overall health and fitness.

Yes, the T boosters and other supplements we evaluate and review are an important and integral part of your health and fitness plan. We do the ongoing work of reviewing and guiding you to the best supplements on the market that are POWERFUL, EFFECTIVE, and PRODUCE REAL RESULTS!

We even have info and reviews on some other great muscle supplements like HGH Supplements & Sprays, Legal Steroid Alternatives For Bulking & Cutting, and the most potent and powerful Bodybuilding Stacks For MASS, STRENGTH, GROWTH, and DEFINITION available on the market today.

We included a section for these types of supplements as well because we know that a lot of guys looking to boost their T are doing it because they are specifically looking for that edge when it comes to adding more LEAN MUSCLE MASS & Growth as well as getting extremely CUT and DEFINED. There some incredibly potent legal steroid alternatives available that are designed specifically for these purposes. We encourage you to check out the reviews and see for yourself which ones resonate with you and which ones we recommend you stay away from.

Value Bomb

If  you're really serious about taking your physique to another level thorough bodybuilding, then you should seriously consider STACKING. Stacking not only ACCELERATES YOUR RESULTS but it also gives you BETTER OVERALL RESULTS because you're using multiple potent products together versus a single-solution product.  

How We Rank And Review Products

testosterone booster reviews ratings guidelines

Guidelines For Ranking & Rating

When it comes to ranking and reviewing testosterone boosters, legal steroid alternatives, HGH supplements, etc., we use the following guidelines because we feel that they address all the important aspects of a product when its under evaluation or consideration.

  • Ingredients - The first thing we ask is do the products contain ingredients that are scientifically proven to do what they claim. We constantly try and match ingredient claims with medical studies and research. The next thing we look for is the actual number of ingredients in a product formulation. We have found that it's very difficult for a product that has less than 5 proven ingredients to be as effective or score as high as products that have 5 or more.
  • Dosages - This is the other half of the ingredients equation. You can have the best ingredients, but if you don't have appropriately dosages to go with them, then it just removes all the power and benefit from the ingredients. This is why knowing individual ingredient dosages is important, and it's also why it's more difficult for a product with a "proprietary blend" to rate as high as other products that actually tell you how much of each ingredient you're getting.
  • Market & Customer Reviews - This is an important data point for us to consider when analyzing and reviewing different products. It's a great way for us to compare our findings with others who have reviewed the product and it's also extremely powerful to see real customer feedback and testimonials. Customer reviews can be extremely helpful, for example, when a product contains a proprietary blend and we can't fully determine the effectiveness of the ingredients because we don't know the dosages. We will weigh customer reviews more heavily in this case to help us determine the overall effectiveness of a product.
  • Price - This is not a matter of the lowest price gets the best score on price. We are rating two things when it comes to price. The first thing we are evaluating is how competitive the price is when compared to other similar products in the market. The other thing we're rating is price-to-value. What are you getting for your money? If you're paying 50% less for a product that produces little-to-no results compared to the industry leader, that product is not going to get a high rating on price just because it's lower. Also, price doesn't carry the same weight in reviews as Ingredients & Dosages.

We feel like these criterion give the best representation for a review and allow you to see and evaluate a product wholistically rather than just focusing on one aspect like price, as an example.

In addition to supplements, we also believe that you need to understand, harness, and employ as many strategies as you can to increase testosterone levels naturally as well as build lean muscle mass, increase your energy and stamina, and even re-charge your libido.

That is why we HIGHLY ENCOURAGE you to check out our T Boosting tips, articles, guides, and reviews. They're all loaded with information based on the latest scientific medical research and findings.

The comprehensive information included in our in-depth guides and supplement reviews will give you all the information you need to make your body look, feel, and perform the best it ever has!

If you are unfamiliar with what the benefits of testosterone are or what a T booster is, then please read the information below to get yourself acquainted with the relevant facts so you can see why a natural testosterone booster should be considered as one of the best supplements to get you the muscle, strength, energy, and stamina you’ve been really looking for!

As you get older, your natural T levels are going to decrease, but that doesn’t mean you’re left in the dust. There are definite natural things that you can do to either increase your natural testosterone production or, at the very least, slow down the decrease dramatically!

Use the information below to help you decide what the next steps are for you in order to take your overall health and fitness plan to the next level!

Seriously guys, just because you’re in your 40’s, 50’s, or higher, it doesn’t mean you can’t be in the best shape of your life especially with all the things that we know now that we didn’t know just a few years ago!

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Men Are Losing Testosterone Faster Than Ever

Guys, here's the deal - our testosterone levels are dropping faster than ever before! Sure, we naturally lose around 1%-1.25% of our testosterone year over year with age, but it looks like today's modern life is really taking a toll on our manhood. There are new environmental and lifestyle factors now that are really doing damage to men's T levels. 

Natural Testosterone Decline With Age

As you age, your testosterone levels with naturally decline over the years, with the greatest overall drop occurring between the ages of 30 and 50.

natural decline of testosterone

Men Have Less Overall Testosterone Than They Did Just 20 Years Ago

We know there is a natural decline of T that comes as men age, but what the medical community is seeing now is that the rate of decline is faster now, and that younger and younger men are dealing with various issues related to lower levels of testosterone.

CNN reports that men have less testosterone than they used to

"Researchers can’t measure swagger – but they can measure testosterone, the male sex hormone most responsible for masculine behaviors – and studies show that testosterone levels in men have been on the decline for decades.

Two major studies have confirmed the phenomenon, one in U.S. men and another in Danish men. In the U.S. study, the total testosterone levels measured in men’s blood dropped approximately 22% between 1987 and 2004.

Of course testosterone levels drop as men get older, but what makes the study shocking is that men today actually have less testosterone than men used to have at the same age."    (source)

Dr. Mike CarragherAge Mgmt & Hormone Optimization

"In the fifteen years since I started practicing Age Management & Hormone Optimization, I’ve noticed a startling change in men’s physiologies. Across the board, testosterone levels are declining at earlier and earlier ages.

Instead of men coming in from ages 35-45 with less-than-optimal testosterone levels (or “low T”) they’re coming in their late 20s!"

Reuters reports men's testosterone levels are dropping faster now

"(Reuters Health) - A new study has found a "substantial" drop in U.S. men's testosterone levels since the 1980s, but the reasons for the decline remain unclear. This trend also does not appear to be related to age.

The average levels of the male hormone dropped by 1 percent a year, Dr. Thomas Travison and colleagues from the New England Research Institutes in Watertown, Massachusetts, found. This means that, for example, a 65-year-old man in 2002 would have testosterone levels 15 percent lower than those of a 65-year-old in 1987. This also means that a greater proportion of men in 2002 would have had below-normal testosterone levels than in 1987.

The entire population is shifting somewhat downward we think," Travison told Reuters Health."    (source)

Why Are Testosterone Levels Lower Now?

There isn't one specific medical study that we can't point to in order to answer this question. 

However, based on what we're learning about new ways that have been proven to increase testosterone naturally, we believe that there are four main areas in the life of today's modern man that is causing this faster rate of testosterone decline:​


Men today are not eating as healthy as they used to. The food industry has continued to evolve and become much more sophisticated with marketing and advertising to the point where even "healthy" packaged foods are loaded with testosterone-killing additives and preservatives. Then there's just the sheer amount of junk food and fast food that is more available at a cheaper price than ever before. Foods high in simple carbohydrates, trans fats, hydrogenated oils, soy, and a bunch of other things that we can't even spell or pronounce either directly produce more estrogen which kills testosterone, or they lead to significant weight gain and obesity, which also kills testosterone. 


Men are less physically active than they were in generations past. Men used to be outside more hunting, fishing, building things, farming, hiking, camping, etc. With the emergence of satellite TV,  the Internet, YouTube, Amazon Video, NetFlix, Hulu, video games, computers, and social media, today's modern day man has no incentive to ever get off the couch or out of his chair to go outside and do something physical. This includes working out. With so many things making it so inviting to stay inside, men are having a harder time disciplining themselves to go work out to at get some physical exercise and activity. Along with this men seem to be more chronically stressed out than previous generations when life was simpler. They got better quality sleep because they did more physical things and got physical exercise. They're day-to-day recoup time was of better quality and more defined than today's man.


This has to do with the emergence of all the different chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, and so forth that are used all over our foods or the foods given to the animals that we eventually end up eating. Many of these chemicals and so forth have been studied and proven to show that they are highly estrogenic, meaning they produce a high amount of estrogen, and estrogen kills testosterone plain and simple. Not to mention, excess estrogen in a man causes all kinds of serious health problems and issues. Also included in this bucket are things like BPAs (the synthetic chemical compound found in many plastics and resins in water bottles, food containers, etc.)

What Can You Do To Solve The Problem?

Here's what we know - we know that there are multiple different factors that are contributing to the faster rate of testosterone decline, therefore, it stands to reason that to defend against the problem, it's going to require a multi-faceted defense.

We have a number of proven ways to combat the problem that fall into the category of either Diet, Lifestyle, or Environmental. We'll talk about some of the most powerful ways that are getting men the most measurable and sustainable results.

The first strategy we'd like to address is in the diet category, and it has to do with supplementing with a testosterone booster. A test booster just makes sense as an easy first-line-of-defense strategy.  Why? Because it requires the least amount of work, and it is specifically created to address the issue.

If you're not really familiar with testosterone boosters, then keep reading, and we'll get you up to speed on them!

What Is A Testosterone Booster?

A natural test booster is a safe, legal, and all-natural supplement that is used to help maximize the body’s own production of the male testosterone hormone in the blood stream – without negative side effects! Scientifically studied and proven ingredients work synergistically with each other to create a dramatic hormonal effect of either increasing testosterone or decreasing estrogen production. The point is that it encourages a NATURAL increase in testosterone production vs. getting injected with outside or synthetic forms testosterone that potentially come with a whole host of negative side effects and health risks.

proven testosterone booster can do wonders for increasing your testosterone levels. This is one strategy that you should definitely employ to combat the problem of faster declining testosterone levels today. Is it the only way? Absolutely not! If you really want to turn things around and accelerate the timing and the effect of your results, then you need to attack this problem from as many angles as possible.

Do Testosterone Boosters Work?

A good quality natural test booster like one of our Top 3 Recommendations will absolutely produce fantastic and measurable results!  Why? Because if you end up choosing a good testosterone booster, it will have 8-12 scientifically proven ingredients that have medical science backing them for their ability to increase testosterone.

A great T booster will also have powerful and potent dosages for each of the ingredients in the formulation because not only do you need proven ingredients, but you also need powerful dosages in order to be effective. If you'd like to know more about how to tell the difference between a good testosterone booster and a bad one, we go into more detail about that [here]

What 3 Test Boosters were voted this year's best by TBR? [Click Here]

Are Testosterone Boosters Safe?

Yes, natural testosterone boosters are safe! Just like with any supplements, test boosters are to be taken and used as directed, and when they are, they are very safe. They help the body to naturally boost production of its own test hormone. Test boosters have none of the negative health risks that you often see associated testosterone replacement therapy, which is something totally different. (see more info below on testosterone replacement therapy)

Are Testosterone Boosters Legal?

Yes, test boosters are completely legal. Some people may confuse natural T boosters with prohormones or steroids. In the U.S., steroids are now illegal to purchase without a doctor’s prescription. Most of the negative press out there is linked to illegal steroids and the emergence of prohormones.

Prohormones are different than natural test boosters in that they are actually metabolized into anabolic steroids in the body. The FDA is reviewing prohormones and they have begun to ban them. However, this is not the case with natural test boosters which are completely natural and 100% legal

Are There Any Negative Side Effects With Test Boosters?

Overall, the overwhelming data and information shows that a good natural test booster will provide incredibly positive and wonderful benefits without any negative side effects. If you look hard enough, you may find a corner case here or there of something minor or annoying, but we haven’t seen them on any consistent type basis and definitely nothing like some of things you may be hearing with testosterone replacement therapies like AndroGel (which is NOT a Test booster….but rather a outside injection of testosterone).That’s because with natural Test boosters, you’re not injecting your body with outside testosterone.You’re taking natural supplements that trigger and cause your own body to produce more of it’s own testosterone – naturally!

Top 8 Benefits Of A Good Test Booster

Benefits Of A Proven Testosterone Booster

These are just some of the reasons why a good testosterone booster is an excellent defense strategy against declining or low T levels.

  • Improves the body’s natural secretion of testosterone
  • Promotes significant and noticeable muscle gains
  • Promotes protein synthesis
  • Increases nitrogen retention and blood flow
  • Increases energy and stamina
  • Enhances sex drive and libido
  • Helps to reduce body fat with lean muscle
  • Safe and legal alternative to anabolic steroids

All the hours of reviews resulted in these three test boosters voted as this year's best of the best [Click Here]

What’s the difference between a test booster and testosterone replacement therapy?

Test boosters are a combination of purposely selected natural and safe supplemental ingredients that work together specifically to help the body maximize it’s own production of T hormone. That’s the key difference with test boosters. You’re increasing your own natural t-levels rather than having foreign outside testosterone injected into your body.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy (also called Androgen Replacement Therapy – ART) is different in that it is a medical treatment prescribed and managed by a doctor, whereby the lost T in your body is replaced with outside testosterone.

The T hormone can be injected into muscle, absorbed through the skin via a cream/gel, or released slowly through a small pellet that’s inserted into the body. With this therapy a doctor does regular blood tests to determine the correct dosage.

One significant point to be aware of when it comes to T replacement therapy versus test booster supplements is the fact that once a man starts the TRT, most of the time he will never be able to stop it. You get a short term victory by getting a natural spike in T, but unless you continue getting the expensive and constant treatments, your short term victory will be short lived.

That’s because what happens is your body begins shutting down the natural production of its own T hormone because it thinks it is no longer needed since it’s coming in from the replacement therapy and your levels are in the normal range, so there’s no reason for your body to produce more T hormone naturally.

The sad news is that this can also lead to things like “shrinkage” of the testicles and a suppression of sperm production. None of us want that!

This can create an interesting and stressful dilemma for men, and that is why this website is dedicated to exploring and uncovering all the possible ways to boost testosterone naturally.

Possible Health Risks Associated With TRT

  • Increased risk of heart disease
  • Fluctuations in cholesterol levels
  • Increased risk of stroke
  • Risk of blood clot formation
  • Water retention and mild swelling across the body
  • Reduction in the size of testicles
  • Lowered sperm levels
  • Tendency for sleep apnea and other rest disturbances
  • Raised red blood cell count
  • Possible development of breast tissue (gynecomastia)
  • Prostrate irritation, including increased urge to urinate
  • Skin conditions, including acne, enlarged pores, and excessive oiliness
  • Long term dependency

Because there are so many benefits to having healthy levels of T in your body, this site will explore and publish all the best practices we come across to boost testosterone naturally through supplementation, diet and nutrition, and exercise activities that are designed to specifically increase your test levels naturally!

There are many reasons here why we support natural proven ways to increase your body’s own production and creation of testosterone versus TRT.

I like this video because Dr. John Gray does a great job at explaining why TRT is actually worse for you in the long run. The first 4-5 minutes of this video talks about why testosterone replacement is so damaging. In the rest of the video he goes on to talk about the ways to naturally have your body produce more of its own testosterone. I included the whole video because I thought it was so interesting.

I like the balanced, holistic and natural approach Dr. Gray takes to naturally increasing your own test levels. We also believe in taking this multi-faceted holistic approach as well. You’ve got to be active and physical, you have to eat natural testosterone boosting foods, and you need defend against estrogen production and dominance especially since estrogen is in so many of the foods we eat now due to the pesticides and additives that are used. Estrogen is public enemy #1 when it comes to declining T levels.

Video: Why Taking Testosterone Injections Is Actually Worse For You In The Long Run

Other Proven Strategies To Increase Testosterone Naturally

As we've already said, since your testosterone levels are being assaulted and attacked from many different areas of modern life, the best defense strategy includes multiple lines of defense. We've already talked about one of the most powerful strategies which is taking a powerful and proven testosterone booster.

Let's explore some other strategies that have been proven to increase testosterone naturally.​

foods that increase testosterone

Increase Testosterone Boosting Foods

There's no question that what you consume in your diet plays a very large and significant role in your natural testosterone production. The first dietary step in increasing your testosterone levels is to get the knowledge of which foods have been studied and proven to increase testosterone. Certain foods contain specific testosterone boosting vitamins, minerals, and other natural compounds. The general categories of foods that are known to increase your T are: Monounsaturated Fatty Acids (olive oil, nuts, seeds, avocado, etc), Saturated Fatty Acids (cream, eggs, butter, coconut oil), Vitamin D (mushrooms, egg yolks, fatty fish, cheese, etc), Magnesium (dark leafy greens, yogurt, avocado, etc), and Zinc (oysters, spinach, shrimp, etc)  [Read More]

Decrease estrogen based foods

Decrease Your Intake Of Testosterone Killing Foods

Understanding and knowing which power foods are the best for increasing T is only half of the equation from a dietary consumption perspective. The other half of the equation is to understand which foods are actually killing your T levels by producing excess estrogen.  At a high level you want to stay away from pre-packaged foods as much as possible. Why? Because all the additives and preservatives they use in them are highly estrogenic. Shift your eating to whole organic foods as much as possible. The biggest dangerous category of foods is sugar (drinks, snacks, and junk food). The next category is simple carbs (refined starches with no real natural fiber). The last category is soy (imitation meat, meat fillers, stews, replacement meals). [Read More]

hiit increases testosterone naturally

Add High Intensity Interval Training To Your Workout Plan

Talk about a win/win/win situation! High Intensity Interval Training is one the best forms of exercise because it increases testosterone, increases human growth hormone, and it burns fat like no other form of exercise, and it continues to burn fat for an additional 24-36 hours after you're done doing the workout. An additional bonus is the fact that a true HIIT workout is only between 15-25 minutes long. Don't be fooled into thinking that just because the workout is short that you're not really getting a workout. If you do it correctly, most people will say that a 15-25 minute HIIT workout is harder than almost any other form working out they do. Why? Because the idea behind HIIT is that you go ALL OUT with some form of exercise (sprint, bike, row, stairs, rope, etc) for 20-60 seconds followed by a rest period of 20-60 seconds, and you do sets of this for 15-25 minutes. [Read More]

doing squats increases testosterone

Lift Heavy At Least Three Times A Week

This is related to the point that was made earlier about why testosterone levels are falling in men today compared to previous generations. Men are just less physical in today's modern society than they have been in the past. The premise is that when you are physical you are taxing your body and causing it to produce a hormonal response (increase testosterone and human growth hormone) in order to accomplish the physical task at hand. This is why weight lifting is such a great way to increase testosterone. You can safely but consistently force your body to produce the hormonal response needed to lift the weights. Scientific studies like this one have verified and proven that weight lifting really does in fact increase testosterone levels.​ [Read More]

losing weight increases testosterone

Lose Weight

There is a very connected and intertwined relationship between weight and testosterone. As you gain weight, your testosterone levels will naturally decrease. By the same token, as you lose weight, your testosterone levels will naturally rise. To go along with this, as your testosterone levels rise, it will actually become easier to lose more weight because increased T levels also boost your body's metabolic rate and make it more efficient at burning fat, not to mention the increase in lean muscle mass. Check out this study of a group of men that showed an increase in fat mass of 36% resulted in a decrease in testosterone from 600 ng/dL to 300 ng/dL. On the flipside, in another study, there were 900 overweight men that were put on a diet & exercise program for one year resulting in weight loss, which in turn, showed an overall increase of testosterone by 50%! 

Effects of sleep on testosterone and HGH

Get Better Quality Sleep

Sleep is probably one of the least known or recognized topics when it comes to understanding its effect on testosterone. Some experts actually call sleep the kingpin of testosterone. Can sleep really be that important and influential on your T levels? This is just one study that showed the difference in testosterone levels on a group of men that got 4 hours of sleep compared to 8 hours of sleep. After sleeping for 4 hours, the men had their T levels measured in the morning and they averaged 200-300 ng/dL of testosterone. Then they had the men sleep a full 8 hours, and then measured their T levels the morning, and what they found was astounding. Their testosterone levels MORE THAN DOUBLED to 500-700 ng/dL.  [Read More]

reduce chronic stress and increase testosterone

Reduce Chronic Stress

There are real enemies of healthy high levels of testosterone in your body, and in the top three of that list is the testosterone killer called cortisol. Cortisol, often referred to as the stress hormone, induces muscle breakdown and causes visceral fat gain. It also slows down the immune system and lowers testosterone levels in the process. When cortisol spikes it signals the brain to demand high calorie foods as a survival tactic to supply the body with more energy. This would be fine if you were faced with a fight or flight situation but not in the case of mental stress. The number one producer of cortisol in your body is ongoing and chronic stress. Not only does chronic cortisol production wreak havoc on your test levels, but it negatively impacts your body in so many other ways. [Read More]

sunlight increases testosterone

Get 15-20 Minutes Of Sunlight Each Day

One of the easiest ways to boost your T for free is as easy as getting about 15 to 20 minutes of direct sunlight on a daily basis. What's the magic ingredient in sunlight that makes it a natural testosterone booster? Sunlight is a potent and powerful source of Vitamin D. There have been numerous studies that show that men with low T levels almost always have a deficiency in Vitamin D as well. Also men with healthy and vibrant levels of testosterone also have sufficient levels of Vitamin D as well. Get the info on nature’s best kept secret!. [Read More]

Why Boost Your Testosterone?

benefits of healthy testosterone

If you're struggling with Low T on any level, you may be asking the question about why you should really even care about boosting testosterone levels.

What good does testosterone actually do for me?

First and foremost, testosterone is one of the most influential and important hormones for so many aspects of your healthy body functions.

Most men just think of T as the sex hormone, and that's about it. The truth is that it is so much more than that.

Did you know that there are T hormone receptors in cells all throughout your body, particularly in the brain and heart?

It turns out that having healthy and vibrant levels of testosterone throughout your body is much more beneficial and influential than you might even know.​

6 reasons to boost your T that you might not even know about

  • It helps control blood sugar
  • It aid in regulating cholesterol
  • It boosts your immune system
  • It helps optimize oxygen flow throughout your entire body
  • It synthesizes protein for maintaining muscle mass and strong bone formation
  • It helps maintain red blood cell production

As men, our bodies require adequate levels of test hormone to maintain youthful neurological function and cardiac output. From a mental and emotional perspective, there are numerous studies that show men with depression often times suffer from lower levels of T. For some men, boosting their T levels could actually be a very effective antidepressant therapy!

You see, healthy T levels effect so many aspects of a man’s life and can also help an aging man to restore and improve overall physical strength, endurance and stamina, cardiac function, mental and cognitive acuity, sexuality, and even his mental or emotional perspective on life!

All the hours of reviews resulted in these three test boosters voted as this year's best of the best [Click Here]

The Effects of Testosterone on Strength and Muscle Mass

best muscle supplements

Not only does increased T improve libido and sexual health, bone density, body composition, and a whole host of other important bodily functions, but it also enhances overall strength and lean muscle mass!

How does testosterone maintain and enhance strength and muscle mass?

It does it by increasing muscle protein synthesis. In short, protein synthesis is the process where cells generate new proteins, and proteins are used to build and maintain lean muscle mass. This is why you typically see athletes and bodybuilders using supplements that will measurably boost their test levels naturally.

effects of testosterone on strength and muscle mass

"These studies suggest that testosterone increases muscle mass by increasing protein synthesis"

Testosterone is a primary hormonal driver of muscle growth and increased strength.

Research has shown that when men (even young men) are given anabolic steroids which increase their test levels, it can induce muscle growth (and fat loss) without additional exercise.

Medical studies like this one clearly demonstrate the important role healthy test levels play with regards to strength and lean muscle mass.

[CLICK HERE] for the testosterone booster voted best for muscle gain

How Testosterone Affects Fat and Weight Loss

how weight effects testosterone

What we know for a fact is that increased test hormone has a direct impact on fat and weight loss.

We also know that low T is definitely a contributing factor to obesity.The other problem is the vicious cycle this creates. Low T makes it easier to store and retain fat, which means you gain weight. Weight gain and obesity significantly impairs the production of testosterone, and now you have created the vicious cycle. To make matters worse, low T levels can also make your body resistant to insulin, and this means that when you eat food (especially carbs), instead of it getting used as fuel to burn, it gets stored as fat.​

Simply stated, medical studies like this one have proven that the lower your T levels are the more likely you are to be overweight and the higher your test levels are, the more likely you are to have a lean healthy weight.​

Low testosterone promotes abdominal obesity in men. As men age, many become trapped in a vicious cycle that leads to life-threatening obesity

Dr. Julius Goepp

Keep in mind that body fat contains aromatase, which is an enzyme that converts your test hormone into estrogen. Estrogen is the main sex hormone in women. Estrogen is bad for men because it triggers a man’s body to reduce its production of testosterone. The less testosterone you produce, the more belly fat you will accumulate.

The New England Research Institute reported that one of the most reliable predictors of low T is the based on the size of a man’s waistline. They even go as far to say that it’s more reliable or accurate than age or overall health.

Published studies show that low testosterone and abdominal fat reinforce each other, trapping men in a spiral of weight gain and hormonal imbalance

Dr. Julius Goepp

Belly fat directly affects androgen deficiency (Low T)

Researchers are also saying that an abundance of belly fat is the strongest predictor of a condition called androgen deficiency (AD). Symptoms of the androgen deficiency in males consist of loss of libido, impotence, infertility, shrinkage of the testicles, penis, and prostate, diminished masculinization (e.g., decreased facial and body hair growth), low muscle mass, anxiety, depression, fatigue, hot flashes, insomnia, headaches, and osteoporosis.

What medical studies are showing is that your testosterone actually has a way of inhibiting the creation of fat cells. Boosting your T will improve cholesterol and triglyceride levels, as well as lower your blood pressure. Not only that, but from a practical point of view, boosting your T levels will give you more energy and stamina as well, making your workouts even more beneficial!

Here’s the thing, you will naturally lose some testosterone as you age, but putting on weight will ACCELERATE THE DECLINING PROCESS, so why not do everything you can to naturally boost your T levels and put your body in the best shape it can be!

As men gain weight and raise their risk of obesity, testosterone levels dramatically decrease. It’s time to stop thinking of your stomach solely as a cosmetic problem but as a real organ that secretes hormones related to cardiac disease, obesity and low testosterone. The size of your abdomen is a key player in testosterone deficiency. The enzyme, aromatase, converts testosterone into estrogen in the stomach. Body fat rapidly increases this process

Dr. David Samadi (Professor of Urology Hofstra School of Medicine / Huffington Post) 

The Effects of Testosterone on Libido

libido issues due to low t
healthy T means good libido

If you don’t have adequate levels of T flowing through your body, then the quality of a man’s sex life is severely affected and the genitals literally atrophy!

One of the main signs of low testosterone is that a man can very little to even no interest in sex with his partner, and this can wreak havoc on a relationship.

Rock hard erections and sexual stimulation originate in the brain when neuronal T-receptor sites are biochemically ignited in the blood vessels, muscles, and nerves.

Note that sometimes there are other non-testosterone related issues that can cause sexual dysfunction. An example would be a blockage in the artery of the penis.The point is you don’t have to suffer the embarrassment, humiliation, or frustration with some sort of sexual dysfunction because of low T levels!

Free testosterone promotes and activates strong sexual desire and it enables performance, sexual sensation, and the ultimate degree of sexual fulfillment!

When you boost your free test levels back to adequate and healthy levels, then you can see some amazing and positive changes not only in the structure, but also the function of the sex organs, and you can once again experience an awesome, intense, and fulfilling sex life!

We will provide you with all the information you need to boost your test levels naturally and regain your confidence and sexual vitality while improving your overall health and fitness!

How Testosterone Affects The Heart

how T affects the heart

It is part of the aging process that a man will experience a gradual weakening of the heart the older he gets. If there isn’t something else that kills an elderly man, his heart will just stop beating at some point.

As already stated, testosterone is a muscle-building hormone, and there are many T receptors in the heart. Sometimes a weakening heart can point back to some level of T hormone deficiency.

Testosterone is not only responsible for maintaining heart muscle protein synthesis, but it also helps to promote coronary artery dilation and helps to maintain healthy cholesterol levels.There are an ever-increasing number of studies that are showing a correlation that men with healthy heart functions and capabilities typically show higher levels of test hormone in their bodies. In China, doctors are successfully treating angina with testosterone therapy.

The Effects of Testosterone and Aging

how T affects the aging process in men

There are plenty of studies available showing that many of the degenerative diseases in aging men, such as cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, and Type-II diabetes show some form of correlation to a deficiency in test levels.Very often you will see some common characteristics of middle age and older age males such an increase in belly fat, decreased energy, depression, major loss of energy and stamina, cognitive decline, loss of sexual desire, and depression – all characteristics that can be associated with low levels of T.

A consistent and alarming finding in aging males with low T levels shows an excess production of one of the most dangerous hormones called cortisol.Some industry experts have dubbed cortisol “the death hormone” because of the deeply degenerative effects that it produces, such as brain cell injury, arterial wall damage, and immune dysfunction, just to name a few. Cortisol is a testosterone killer!

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What Are The Symptoms of Low T?

The following are some of the more profound and outwardly noticeable symptoms of Low T or Andropause:

signs of low t

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  • Loss of muscle and strength
  • Low or complete lack of sex drive
  • Loss of energy and stamina
  • Unexpected weight gain
  • Increased belly fat
  • Softer erections (or total erectile dysfunction)
  • Inability to sleep
  • Hair loss
  • Memory failure
  • Loss of ability to concentrate
  • Feeling weak
  • Acting timid
  • Reduced intellectual agility
  • Less interest in surroundings
  • Depression or social withdrawal

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