The Ultimate Testosterone
Booster Guide of 2019

testosterone booster guide

Best Testosterone Booster
For Middle Aged Men and Up

best testosterone booster

Best Test Booster
For Muscle Gain

best testosterone booster for muscle gain

Best T-booster When
You're on a Tight Budget

best test booster when you're on a budget

​Testosterone Boosters vs.
Testosterone Replacement

What Are The 
Symptoms of Low-T?

6 Reasons to Boost Your T
That You Don't About

Best Foods For Increasing
Your Testosterone Levels

foods that increase testosterone

Top 5 Foods That 
Kill Your Testosterone

5 foods that kill testosterone

Which Diet Is Better At
Increasing Your Testosterone?

low carb vs keto

How Your Weight Affects
Your Testosterone Levels

losing weight increases testosterone

Boosting Testosterone Naturally

Lower Your Stress
Increase Your Testosterone

how chronic stress kills testosterone

Skyrocket Testosterone & HGH and
Burn a Ton of Fat with HIIT

hiit increases testosterone naturally

Pump Up Your Testosterone Levels
By Lifting Weights

lifting weights massively increases testosterone

Can You Really Double Your
Testosterone Levels With Sleep?

Effects of sleep on testosterone and HGH
legal steroid for bulking

Runner Up For Best Steroid Alternative For Bulking

best legal steroid for cutting

Voted Best Legal Steroid Alternative For Cutting

ultimate legal steroid bodybuilding stack

Voted Best Legal Steroid Bodybuilding STACK for SIZE, GROWTH, & STRENGTH 

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HGH Supplement

Table of Contents

Our Purpose

Welcome to – the most comprehensive and informative site on boosting your testosterone naturally!

testosterone booster reviews ratings guidelines

Our purpose is to provide men all over the world with the knowledge and tools they need in order to protect, preserve, and increase their testosterone naturally. We believe that testosterone is much more than just a male sex hormone, and that it is the essence of a man's unique maleness. We believe that healthy and vibrant testosterone levels provide an endless wealth of physical, mental, and emotional health benefits for all men. With that said, we also know that various modern-day dietary, lifestyle, and environmental factors have negatively impacted the overall testosterone levels in our current generation of men. Compared to previous generations, more men and younger men are dealing with issues related to low levels of testosterone than ever before in history. Providing well-researched and scientifically proven natural dietary and lifestyle solutions to combat the assault on men's testosterone levels became the inspiration for this site. Thank you for visiting our site, and we look forward to serving you and becoming a trusted resource for you now and in the future.

We approach things like naturally boosting testosterone in a holistic fashion, which means we don’t ONLY focus on just supplements. We also research and share health, fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle information, in addition to the supplement reviews, that also help you to naturally boost your test levels and improve your overall health and fitness.

Yes, the T boosters and other supplements we evaluate and review are an important and integral part of your health and fitness plan. We do the ongoing work of reviewing and guiding you to the best supplements on the market that are POWERFUL, EFFECTIVE, and PRODUCE REAL RESULTS!

We even have info and reviews on some other great muscle supplements like HGH Supplements & Sprays, Legal Steroid Alternatives For Bulking & Cutting, and the most potent and powerful Bodybuilding Stacks For MASS, STRENGTH, GROWTH, and DEFINITION available on the market today.

We included a section for these types of supplements as well because we know that a lot of guys looking to boost their T are doing it because they are specifically looking for that edge when it comes to adding more LEAN MUSCLE MASS & Growth as well as getting extremely CUT and DEFINED. There some incredibly potent legal steroid alternatives available that are designed specifically for these purposes. We encourage you to check out the reviews and see for yourself which ones resonate with you and which ones we recommend you stay away from.

Value Bomb

If  you're really serious about taking your physique to another level thorough bodybuilding, then you should seriously consider STACKING. Stacking not only ACCELERATES YOUR RESULTS but it also gives you BETTER OVERALL RESULTS because you're using multiple potent products together versus a single-solution product.  

How We Rank And Review Products

testosterone booster reviews ratings guidelines

Guidelines For Ranking & Rating

When it comes to ranking and reviewing testosterone boosters, legal steroid alternatives, HGH supplements, etc., we use the following guidelines because we feel that they address all the important aspects of a product when its under evaluation or consideration.

  • Ingredients - The first thing we ask is do the products contain ingredients that are scientifically proven to do what they claim. We constantly try and match ingredient claims with medical studies and research. The next thing we look for is the actual number of ingredients in a product formulation. We have found that it's very difficult for a product that has less than 5 proven ingredients to be as effective or score as high as products that have 5 or more.
  • Dosages - This is the other half of the ingredients equation. You can have the best ingredients, but if you don't have appropriately dosages to go with them, then it just removes all the power and benefit from the ingredients. This is why knowing individual ingredient dosages is important, and it's also why it's more difficult for a product with a "proprietary blend" to rate as high as other products that actually tell you how much of each ingredient you're getting.
  • Market & Customer Reviews - This is an important data point for us to consider when analyzing and reviewing different products. It's a great way for us to compare our findings with others who have reviewed the product and it's also extremely powerful to see real customer feedback and testimonials. Customer reviews can be extremely helpful, for example, when a product contains a proprietary blend and we can't fully determine the effectiveness of the ingredients because we don't know the dosages. We will weigh customer reviews more heavily in this case to help us determine the overall effectiveness of a product.
  • Price - This is not a matter of the lowest price gets the best score on price. We are rating two things when it comes to price. The first thing we are evaluating is how competitive the price is when compared to other similar products in the market. The other thing we're rating is price-to-value. What are you getting for your money? If you're paying 50% less for a product that produces little-to-no results compared to the industry leader, that product is not going to get a high rating on price just because it's lower. Also, price doesn't carry the same weight in reviews as Ingredients & Dosages.

We feel like these criterion give the best representation for a review and allow you to see and evaluate a product wholistically rather than just focusing on one aspect like price, as an example.

In addition to supplements, we also believe that you need to understand, harness, and employ as many strategies as you can to increase testosterone levels naturally as well as build lean muscle mass, increase your energy and stamina, and even re-charge your libido.

That is why we HIGHLY ENCOURAGE you to check out our T Boosting tips, articles, guides, and reviews. They're all loaded with information based on the latest scientific medical research and findings.

The comprehensive information included in our in-depth guides and supplement reviews will give you all the information you need to make your body look, feel, and perform the best it ever has!

If you are unfamiliar with what the benefits of testosterone are or what a T booster is, then please read the information below to get yourself acquainted with the relevant facts so you can see why a natural testosterone booster should be considered as one of the best supplements to get you the muscle, strength, energy, and stamina you’ve been really looking for!

As you get older, your natural T levels are going to decrease, but that doesn’t mean you’re left in the dust. There are definite natural things that you can do to either increase your natural testosterone production or, at the very least, slow down the decrease dramatically!

Use the information below to help you decide what the next steps are for you in order to take your overall health and fitness plan to the next level!

Seriously guys, just because you’re in your 40’s, 50’s, or higher, it doesn’t mean you can’t be in the best shape of your life especially with all the things that we know now that we didn’t know just a few years ago!

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