What Are The Symptoms Of Low T

What Are The Symptoms Of Low T

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signs of low t

Do You Think You Might Have Low T?

As you might have noticed on this site, we know that testosterone is much more than just a sex hormone.

Yes, it is commonly associated with being a sex hormone that is produced mainly in the testicles, and that drives a man's libido and the production of sperm.

However, if you look through the various informational articles on this site, you can see that testosterone has so much more of impact on men's overall health and well-being than just his sex drive and production of sperm.

You hear a lot about Low T these days because men are becoming more aware of the side effects when T levels are low, and frankly we're having somewhat of an epidemic now with men having less testosterone than they used to have compared to men just 20 years ago.

Testosterone Levels Decrease Naturally Over Time, But This Is Crazy

We know that for a fact that as you get older, your testosterone levels will naturally decrease.

Your biggest natural drops in testosterone usually occur between the ages of 35 to 50.

Testosterone declines with age

This is the more normal and natural rate of decreasing testosterone levels over time.

The problem now is that men are reporting issues of Low T at younger and younger ages, and that men just have lower overall measurements of testosterone now in this day and age compared to men as a whole a couple of decades ago.

CNN Reports Men Have Less Testosterone Than They Use To

"Researchers can’t measure swagger – but they can measure testosterone, the male sex hormone most responsible for masculine behaviors – and studies show that testosterone levels in men have been on the decline for decades.

Two major studies have confirmed the phenomenon, one in U.S. men and another in Danish men. In the U.S. study, the total testosterone levels measured in men’s blood dropped approximately 22% between 1987 and 2004.

Of course testosterone levels drop as men get older, but what makes the study shocking is that men today actually have less testosterone than men used to have at the same age."    (source)

Dr. Mike Carragher

Age Management & Hormone Optimization

"In the fifteen years since I started practicing Age Management & Hormone Optimization, I’ve noticed a startling change in men’s physiologies. 

Across the board, testosterone levels are declining at earlier and earlier ages.

Instead of men coming in from ages 35-45 with less-than-optimal testosterone levels (or “low T”) they’re coming in their late 20's!"

Most Common Signs of Low Testosterone

  • Loss of muscle and strength
  • Low or complete lack of sex drive
  • Loss of energy and stamina
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    Unexpected weight gain
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    Increased fat particularly around the belly
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    Soft erections or difficulty getting or maintaining an erection
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    Inability to sleep
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    Hair loss
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    Memory failure
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    Loss of ability to focus or concentrate
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    Always feeling weak and/or tired
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    Acting timid
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    Reduced intellectual agility
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    Less interest in surroundings
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    Depression or social withdrawal
reduce chronic stress and increase testosterone
signs of low testosterone

Are you serious about boosting your testosterone naturally?

Guys, are you starting to get the picture here? If you’re serious about boosting your T naturally, then the first thing you need to do is arm yourself with the necessary information and knowledge to take advantage of all the different ways to shoot your T levels through the roof!

We’ve got you covered on this! We truly want this site to be your trusted resource when it comes to all things related to boosting Test levels naturally and achieving peak physical condition and performance. We will supply you with the latest and greatest research, reviews, and guides – and then it’s up to you to do something with it!

Knowledge just by itself is just knowledge, however, when you combine knowledge with appropriate action, that's when you have real power.

Now is the time to take action against Low T!

The ball is in your court now. You need to take the knowledge and information we provide you with on the best test boosters, legal steroids, HGH supplements, as well as diet, exercise & lifestyle tips and actually take action and do something about it.

Nothing will change if you don’t take action. It’s that way with everything in life, but it’s especially true when it comes to your health and well-being.

Don’t get overwhelmed and think you need change everything overnight. Just start by doing something to get the ball rolling and then take consistent and progressive steps each day towards getting yourself into the best health shape you have ever been in.

The keys to success in this are very simple – TAKE ACTION and BE CONSISTENT!

Increasing your testosterone naturally is about proactively addressing the problem in more than just one way.

There are scientifically proven ways to boost your testosterone naturally, and we have plenty of articles on this site that show you exactly what those ways are with the scientific studies behind them and backing them up. 

There are many things that you can do with your diet, exercise, lifestyle, and environmental adjustments that will make a HUGE impact on addressing your Low T - please take the time to read through our research, so you can make changes in your life that can take effect in literally 24-48 hours.

One of easiest ways to dramatically see results with the least amount of effort is supplementing with a natural testosterone booster. 

A natural testosterone booster is made specifically with scientifically proven bio-organic ingredients that will lower the production of estrogen (testosterone killer) and increase your body's production of it's own healthy and vibrant testosterone! Without any negative side effects like you see with getting injected with outside testosterone (testosterone replacement therapy - TRT).

Possible Health Risks Associated With TRT

  • Increased risk of heart disease
  • Fluctuations in cholesterol levels
  • Increased risk of stroke
  • Risk of blood clot formation
  • Water retention and mild swelling across the body
  • Reduction in the size of testicles
  • Lowered sperm levels
  • Tendency for sleep apnea and other rest disturbances
  • Raised red blood cell count
  • Possible development of breast tissue (gynecomastia)
  • Prostrate irritation, including increased urge to urinate
  • Skin conditions, including acne, enlarged pores, and excessive oiliness
  • Long term dependency

You don't have to worry about any of those things with natural testosterone boosters because their all natural ingredients that are working together to cause you to produce more of your own testosterone naturally!

What's The Best Test Booster On The Market?

We are constantly on the lookout for the latest and greatest T boosters on the market. We take the time to analyze and review as many as we can to give you as much information as possible to help you make the best and most informed decision.

Our reviews and analysis are based on the most recent scientific studies and medical research as well as competitive market analysis. You'll notice in most of our articles and reviews we include links to the studies and research we use to verify or substantiate claims made manufacturers.

This year, there were three different testosterone boosters that rose to the top and separated themselves from rest of the T boosters. 

These three testosterone boosters are different from each other in that they are targeted for different audiences depending on certain needs and requirements, however, they share the same basic characteristics:

  • They all have between 8 and 12 scientifically proven ingredients to increase testosterone levels
  • They all have each ingredient and their dosages listed
  • They all have very potent and powerful dosages for each of the ingredients included in their formula
  • They all have overwhelmingly positive market reviews and customer testimonials

Attack low testosterone levels from as many angles as possible. One of the easiest ways to increase your T is by supplementing with an awesome test booster. You're more than welcome to check out all our in-depth reviews. We tell you all the reasons why a product might be good or bad. We don't hold anything back. Out of all the hours of reviews and analysis, this year there were three testosterone boosters that rose to the very top. 

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