Ultimate Guide To Boosting Your HGH

Ultimate Guide To Boosting Your HGH

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What is HGH

Human growth hormone (HGH) naturally occurs in the human body and is produce by the pituitary gland in the brain under stimulation from the hypothalamus.

This anabolic hormone is responsible for the growth of muscle, cartilage and bone by promoting the reproduction and regeneration of cells.

It also helps in the regulation of body composition, the metabolism of fat and sugar, body fluids and may have a role in heart function as well.

HGH is produced throughout a person’s lifetime, but it is present in greater concentrations in children and adolescents. The levels of naturally produced growth hormone in humans are reduced in half approximately every 10 years of life.

How HGH declines over time

In old age, there is hardly enough HGH produced by the body to keep the metabolism going. As the human body declines into old age, so do the levels of growth hormone (as well as several other hormones like progesterone, melatonin, DHEA, etc).

There is evidence to suggest that if HGH remained constant in our bodies for our entire lifetime, we’d have significantly longer lifespans due to all the benefits provided by HGH. This is why HGH has been nicknamed "the fountain of youth" hormone.

Anti-aging benefits are the second most popular use for HGH.

What is true at this point is that there are no iron-clad studies to prove with absolute certainty that HGH will provide you with anti-aging benefits.

Let's also not forget that the big pharma industry would be heavily motivated to NOT show anti-aging benefits of HGH since this multi-billion dollar industry depends on providing all kinds of medicines to help fight off illnesses related to aging.

There has to be at least some sort of positive impact on the anti-aging front with regards to HGH because anti-aging clinics have no shortage of customers to prescribe HGH to.

If HGH provided no anti-aging benefits whatsover, then the clinics wouldn't have a continuous flow of customers year after year especially at the high cost of HGH injection therapy.

The Benefits of HGH

HGH has a wide range of benefits. Firstly, it is absolutely critical for children and adolescents for proper development. In adults, it also has a wide range of beneficial effects, such as promoting and increasing the synthesis of new protein tissue, which is essential for repair and recovery of muscles.

HGH metabolizes fat

There is also evidence to suggest that HGH plays a role in how the body metabolizes body fat and converts it into a source of energy. Tests were conducted on people who were obese and it was proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that HGH is effective in treating obesity.

This is why some professional bodybuilders have resorted to HGH to maintain and increase their lean mass while being on a diet for many years.

HGH produces more energy

Considering that the fact that HGH helps metabolize fat and makes its conversion into energy more efficient, it’s clear that HGH also helps produce energy, albeit indirectly. There is also some evidence to suggest a connection between HGH and improved libido.

HGH improves your sleep

Another benefit of HGH is that it improves sleeping patterns. In other words, if you have sufficient quantities of HGH in your system, you won’t wake up as often unintentionally during the night and your REM phase of sleep will be significantly better.

HGH helps regenerate your cells

HGH promotes the reproduction and regeneration of cells, which translated into stronger bones.

HGH helps strengthen your kidneys and heart

Evidence also suggests that HGH improves the quality and lifespan of your kidneys and heart.

Clearly, the benefits of HGH are extensive and that could be merely the tip of the iceberg as research into this hormone is still being carried out.

HGH can help grow your muscle mass

HGH can significantly increase muscle mass, and that's a fact. You can really fire on all cylinders when both your HGH AND your testosterone are flowing throughout your body at healthy levels!

More documented and studied benefits and positive effects associated with HGH:

Benefits of HGH
  • 1
    Increased muscle mass
  • 2
    Enhanced libido
  • 3
    Stronger bones
  • 4
    Reduced body fat
  • 5
    More efficient metabolism
  • 6
    Longer and better sleep
  • 7
    Smoother and younger looking skin
  • 8
    Increased endurance
  • 9
    Better exercise stamina and performance
  • 10
    Better blood pressure
  • 11
    Better cholesterol levels
  • 12
    Substantial increase in energy levels
  • 13
    Faster growth of hair and nails
  • 14
    Faster recovery of various injuries including burns
  • 15
    Faster repair and recovery from intense physical exercise
  • 16
    Better auditory and visual acuity
  • 17
    Possible softening or smoothing of wrinkles
  • 18
    Some research suggests re-growth of lost hair 

Where To Buy HGH For Sale

If you are looking to buy HGH for sale for either muscle building, weight loss, anti-aging, increased energy, etc, you have to know that the law (in the United States) says that you need to have doctor’s prescription in order to buy HGH.

Most doctors can prescribe HGH, but the challenge will be convincing a doctor to prescribe HGH injections for you if you don’t have a signficant and specific medical issue causing you to need HGH. Typically after some looking you can find a sports med specialist, an anti-aging clinic, or a well known family doctor who can and will prescribe growth hormone (somatropin).

HGH injections are really expensive

Here's the thing, most average wage-earning people cannot even come close to paying the out-of-pocket expense for HGH injections. You are going to pay a good 10x markup for HGH when you get it legally from a doctor or clinic. From what I've learned, you can typically expect to pay roughly $10,000 to $30,000 a year on HGH injection therapy.

Downside To HGH Injections

When buying HGH from a doctor or clinic:

  • $10,000 - $30,000 per year through a doctor or clinic
  • Making sure you have clean needles
  • Painful to inject yourself
  • When buying HGH online via the black market:

  • Being sold non-pure HGH
  • Having bad reactions to fake or impure HGH
  • Making sure you have clean needles
  • Painful to inject yourself
  • Scammed out of money with no legal recourse
  • Threat of having your online shipments seized by police or customs
  • Worrying about the legalities of buying hgh online via black market
  • How Much Lean Muscle Mass Can You Put On With HGH?

    There is not a cut and dry answer to that question because the answer is dependent a variety of factors including what types of workouts you do, what kind of diet you eat, your age, your genetic disposition, the quantity and quality of sleep you get each night, etc.

    Let's assume a few things to give you a rough idea of what kind of lean muscle mass you can expect to put on with an increase in HGH:

    • You are in relatively good shape
    • You work out a good three to five times a week
    • You are getting a solid seven hours of sleep per night and that you are eating a diet rich in proteins with healthy fats.

    With those assumptions as the backdrop, you can reliably and predictably expect to gain twenty to thirty percent gains in lean muscle mass within 4-5 months.

    How to Increase Your HGH Levels

    There are a number of ways you can stimulate the release of HGH in your system. The first approach is through training as intense workouts that consume a lot of energy and extended periods of physical exhaustion lead to more HGH being released into the system.

    High intensity burst training and weight lifting are two forms of exercise that have been studied and shown to stimulate the release of HGH and testosterone in your own body.

    PRO TIP: Guys, did you know that when you combine burst training with weight training - you burn 10x the body fat!!

    Video Tip - Three rock solid strategies to boost HGH, boost your metabolism, and incinerate fat!

    The Importance of Sleep to Increase HGH

    Effects of sleep on testosterone and HGH

    [Read about the effects of sleep on testosterone and HGH]

    Rest is also essential because 75 percent of daily HGH production takes place while you are asleep and most of that happens while you are in REM. In other words, cat naps here and there aren’t enough.

    You need to get a good night’s rest to maximize the production of HGH.

    HGH and Nutrition - They're Connected

    Nutrition is probably one of the most important elements to this equation as one of the most effective ways to stimulate the production of HGH is by taking amino acids. However, for amino acids to work effectively, around 20 percent of your diet needs to come from clean fats.

    HGH Natural Supplements

    Last, but certainly not least, you can increase the levels of HGH in your system through supplementation. An HGH booster is a supplement that combines various growth hormone inducing ingredients such as targeted amino acids, vitamins, organic growth factors, and secretatogues that enable your body to naturally produce more levels of HGH on its own.

    Injecting HGH is not the most favorable option due to many of the reasons already outline and explained. Alternatively, you can use an HGH booster or HGH releaser that comes in supplement form.

    Natural HGH boosters are completely legal and they alleviate most, if not all, of the downside issues with buying HGH online or from a doctor.

    Recommended HGH Booster Supplement

    If you're looking for an HGH booster supplement that is legal, natural, and doesn't come with any negative side effects, then I'd recommend you check out the HyperGH 14x Review

    This HGH supplement got our vote for the #1 HGH booster of the year. This product has the most powerful and potent ingredient formulations we've ever seen. It is truly impressive.

    Here's just the highlights for you in case you're interested:

    HyperGH 14x Review

    Our newest addition and winner for best HGH supplement on the market today! HyperGH 14x is an HGH boosting formulation that just crushes it compared to other HGH boosters out there.

    It's also very different from other products on the market and that we've reviewed because it has two separate components to it. It has pill component and a spray component.

    These two combined components represent over 24 different ingredients that are working together to create an incredibly powerful and potent increased growth hormone response.

    To put this in perspective, it is rare that we find products that have more than 5 ingredients, so to find one that has 24 ingredients AND at signficant dosage levels is frankly remarkable!

    Definitely our top rated and highly recommended HGH supplement that will help give your sinking HGH levels exactly the lift they need.

    This product also gets great reviews and customer testimonials which should also increase your confidence to where you can feel comfortable and good about giving this product a try!


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    • It's on the more expensive side of the spectrum at $79.99 per bottle ($2.66/day). However, you can buy a 3-month supply ($68.66/bottle) or a 6-month supply ($64/bottle).
    • Having the pill and spray component does add a little more complexity in taking the supplements
    • No free shipping; $12.99 to ship
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