Troxyphen Elite Review

Troxyphen Elite Review

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Did Troxyphen try and do too much with this all-in-one product or did they get it right?

If you're on a budget, should you consider this product?  Check out our review and see!





Troxyphen Elite Review

Troxyphen Elite Review Summary


Troxyphen Elite gets you 4 products in 1. Good solid overall blended product at price most any budget can afford!

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The Product

Troxyphen Elite is a supplement that provides a four-pronged attack. It's an HGH booster, a test booster, a nitric oxide booster, and a fat burner, all wrapped up into one muscle building supplement.

The question is if it's a watered down version of these four products or is it an amazingly powerful 4-in-1 supplement?

This product is positioned to be the perfect supplement for the man that wants to build lean muscle mass, burn fat, look and feel younger, increase endurance and stamina, and enhance sexual libido.

I'm reviewing this product to see if it can be categorized as the best muscle building supplement because of the added functional ingredients beyond it being a straight testosterone booster.

The Ingredients

Troxyphen Ingredients - Muscle Building Supplements

  • Test Booster Blend – this has some good ingredients that you'll see in common with other testosterone boosters. Ingredients like Tribulus Terrestris, Saw Palmetto, Muria, and Fenugreek
  • Fat Burning Blend – this blend has caffeine and green coffee bean extract. These ingredients are meant to boost your energy as well as burn fat and release fatty acid
  • Nitric Oxide Boosting Blend – Lots of good research on the benefits of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide has been shown to increase cardiovascular endurance and help you recover faster from inury. It has also been shown to improve joint and bone health and overall cardiovascular wellness. It's also been shown to improve cognitive and memory tasks.
  • HGH Booster – If you're looking to generate lean muscle mass, they've also included a growth activating complex called Alpha-Glyceryl Phosphoryl Choline (A-GPC). Studies have shown that A-GPC boosts HGH as well as fat burning by the liver.

What We Liked About Troxyphen Elite

The ingredients included in this product are clearly great muscle building, test boosting, hgh boosting, fat burning, and nitric oxide boosting ingredients.

Most, if not all, of the ingredients you see in Troxyphen Elite are studied and proven ingredients to do the job of the respective blend that they are a part of.

It's definitely appealing to think that you are taking a supplement that covers such a wide variety of supplement bases.



What We Didn't Like About Troxyphen Elite

One thing is that it is difficult to know how much of the different ingredients you're actually getting because it's not clear by the ingredients label.

For example, there's 500mg of the Testosterone Boosting Blend, but you don't know how many milligrams are assigned to each of the different ingredients in the blend, and therefore, it's difficult to rate the effectiveness when you don't know how much of a particular ingredient you are getting.

Another issue I had was missing ingredients in the different blends. For instance, in the test booster blend, it didn't have any Vitamin D3 or D-Aspartic Acid which I think was big miss.

There were some other popular test booster sub ingredients that it didn't have either like oyster extract and Siberian Ginseng as examples.

Another example is the fat burning blend. It has caffeine and green coffee bean extract, which are good energy enhancement and thermogenic ingredients, but I didn't see other popular ingredients like forskolin, L-theanine, or Yohimba extract that are typically seen in dedicated fat burning products.

Plus other fat burning products just have a higher dosage of ingredients. For example, other fat burning products I've reviewed have four times the amount of green coffee bean extract.

Now grant it, you're going to pay more for a dedicated fat burning product versus what you're paying for the fat burning portion of Troxyphen Elite.

The HGH booster ingredient is Alpha-Glyceryl Phosphoryl Choline (A-GPC). This is a good bonafide growth hormone activating complex, but I just wish it had more than 100mg in the Troxyphen Elite HGH boosting blend.

Okay Bang-for-the-Buck Muscle Building Supplement If You're On A Tight Budget

Here's the thing about Troxyphen Elite, it's got some solid and proven ingredients that do their assigned job for each of the category blends in this supplement.

This is really four products in one – a test booster, an HGH booster, a fat burner, and nitric oxide booster.

Can you find other dedicated products that have more ingredients and higher dosages?

Absolutely, and if you can afford to spend roughly what you'd pay for Troxyphyen Elite for each of the four products separately, then you will get better individual products because they'll have a wider array of ingredients for boosting testosterone, releasing HGH, burning fat, and boosting nitric oxide, plus they'll have higher dosages.

However, if you're someone on more of a limited budget, and you like the idea of getting four products in one for about a quarter of the price that you'd spend if you were to buy the products separately, then Troxyphen Elite is definitely a product you should consider.

You're not going to get the best product for each of the categories represented in Troxyphen Elite, however, you are going to get solid products for each of the categories at a good overall price, and there's definitely something to be said for that.

Sometimes you just have to be careful with products that try and be too many things all wrapped in one because they can end up being watered down versions of the different products they're trying to be.


Where Can You Buy Troxyphen?

You can purchase Troxyphen from GNC or through the truDERMA website.

The 60 count bottle (a one month supply) sells for $59.99 at both places.The truDERMA site offers a money back guarantee, but the details of how it works and how long it’s good for are not revealed.


My Recommendation

Read the reviews we have of the following products.  You're going to get the market's best in each category, and then you'll know that whatever you are paying for, you're going to get real and measurable results from the best of the best!

Troxyphen is mostly marketed as a testosterone booster, and it just doesn't cut it as a stand alone testosterone booster.  There are too many other better products that have better ingredients and produce better results for a testosterone booster.  For the other categories Troxyphen tries to address in their all-in-one product, I've put highlighted the reviews of other products that are better in those individual categories as well.


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