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Testogen is one of the most well-known testosterone boosters, but does it really work?

This is something that I asked myself, when I was researching different supplements. So I ordered directly from testogen.com. 

At first I was very doubtful that it would work…I was WRONG…It really did work and I was Impressed with my results.

Testogen Review 2021 – #1 Recommendation

  • Increased Energy
  • Enhanced Strength
  • Reduced Body Fat
  • Improved Muscle Growth
  • 11 Powerful & Proven Ingredients
  • Fast & Effective Results

If you want a more detailed review of Testogen, I have written a complete guide below. 

I have gone into details on things such as what it is, how it works and even going through the ingredients. I really wanted to share with you what I thought was good about Testogen and what I thought was not as good. 

Hopefully this will answer some of your questions and just show you how good this booster is.

What is Testogen?

No doubt if you have been doing some research, you will know that Testogen is a testosterone booster. 

It is probably one of the oldest and one of the more well-known. It’s made from 11 key ingredients, these are all natural and work in combination together. (They have also been proven to work based on clinical studies) 

It basically helps your body to naturally produce more testosterone. At the same time it helps to protect the testosterone you already have and prevents it being turned into estrogen. 

This is INCREDIBLY important….

You see as we get older our levels of testosterone decreases, whereas estrogen increases. It is this that causes us to gain belly fat, feel tired more often, have a low libido and even struggle to build muscle. 

Testogen does REALLY work! I have experienced the results myself….

What Benefits Will You See From Using Testogen?

The benefits I saw from using Testogen and the same benefits you will see include; 

  • Increase Energy Levels – No more falling asleep mid day for me! 
  • Reduced Body fat % – My pudgy belly has gone!
  • Increased Muscle Development – Actually started to see some decent results
  • Develop Lean Muscle – Much better definition to my arms and chest
  • Increased Endurance – I can actually workout longer than before
  • Improved Sex Drive – Before I was never in the mood, now I am all the time!
  • Better Overall Mood – I would argue at the slightest thing, i just feel happier & less stressed

I saw some of the above benefits after just a few days, with bigger results showing in just a few weeks. This is thanks to the ingredients working together.

How Does Testogen Work?

So how exactly is Testogen supposed to work? 

I have already mentioned a little bit about the ingredients but let’s go into a little more detail. 

Before we go into exactly how it does work, it's important that we know how testosterone works and why we need it. 

You may have heard before that testosterone is the male hormone. This is because men have more of it than women. Estrogen is known as the female hormone. 

Interestingly our bodies actually start producing testosterone whilst we are still in the womb. 

Puberty is when our testosterone levels reach their highest…This is why we start noticing changes such as more hair, spots and our voice deepens…(thanks for that body!)

Once we get to around 21, our testosterone then starts to drop. It then decreases each and every year. 

It's worth noting that some things can speed up the amount of testosterone that decreases such as our diet. 

I’ll be honest I didn't actually think I had low testosterone, until I started to look at the typical symptoms. And I realised I suffered from pretty much all of them….

  • Increased Tiredness – I'd find it hard to wake up in the morning, hard to get to sleep and would have broken sleep throughout the night. I also found myself nodding off throughout the day.
  • Mood swings – My mood would be all over to be honest. I'd just snap at my wife or my son. Even over the silliest things. It often felt like the world was on my shoulders
  • Reduced sex drive/libido – I noticed as I got older that my sex drive really took a hit. It would go weeks and weeks and I just wouldn't be bothered or just not in the mood.
  • Increased belly fat – Nothing worse than going bigger and bigger in t-shirt size. No matter what I would do to lose weight and exercise, my belly just didn't get smaller.
  • Lack of concentration – Sometimes throughout the day, I would either zone out or just struggle to focus on whatever I was doing.

This was until I started taking Testogen….

So the body doesn't actually stop producing testosterone BUT your body produces less and you often have more estrogen (again this is the female sex hormone). 

The ingredients found in Testogen help to KICKSTART your body into producing more testosterone. Not only that but it also helps to PROTECT this testosterone, so it is not converted into Estrogen. 

All of this is done naturally, so you see great results without the risk of side effects.

Testogen Ingredients

I have mentioned the ingredients a few times now. So let's get into each ingredient and what they do. 

When I first started looking into testosterone boosters, I did a lot of research. 

I spent weeks if not months going through all the different types of ingredients and their impact on testosterone. This helped give me an understanding on whether or not Testogen would actually work. 

There are 11 ingredients in total and each one is key. Some of the ingredients work by helping your body to increase production of testosterone. Whereas others help to act as an estrogen blocker. 

A couple of the ingredients are actually designed to help improve the effectiveness of the other ingredients. For example Bioperine is there to help your body absorb more of the ingredients – So you see faster and better results. 

I also like the fact that they provide all of the dosages of each ingredient. They are very clear on what is inside each pill, showing they actually have faith and confidence in the formula. 

Some companies hide the dosage information – I would suggest avoiding companies that do this…

So let's get into each individual ingredient inside Testogen…

D-Aspartic Acid – 2352mg

D Aspartic Acid has become more and more common when it comes to its effects at increasing testosterone. But what exactly is it? 

It’s an amino acid but not an essential one. This basically means our bodies are able to produce it naturally. It’s an important amino acid to have though…

You see it helps to regulate and produce hormones within the body, testosterone being one of them. 

Increasing the amount of D-Aspartic Acid can help to increase the amount of testosterone your body is able to produce. This is also backed by several clinical studies.

You do need to make sure you do consume enough to see effective results. The recommended minimum is 2000+mg per day. 
Testogen provides your body with 2352mg. More than enough to see results!

Red Ginseng Extract – 40mg

Ginseng is another one of those ingredients that can be found in almost all male focused products. In fact it's also known as the “man root”. 

This herb is used in natural medicine to help improve strength, stamina but also boost your overall energy levels.

Red Ginseng also helps to speed up recovery time from exercise. This is because it increases nitric oxide in the body, which helps with blood flow. Its this that also helps give you increased libido.

Vitamin D – 52mcg

Did you know that you probably don't get enough Vitamin D? Your not alone…Most men do

Want to know why? 

We get Vitamin D from sunlight and we just don't get enough sun to give our bodies the amount it needs. 

Now Vitamin D is very important when it comes to testosterone. Which is why Testogen has an excellent amount in its formula. 

You see it helps boost your testosterone levels in two different ways. 

  1. It helps increase the body's ability to produce testosterone.
  2. It slows down testosterone being converted into estrogen.

Fenugreek – 40mg

Fenugreek is an excellent ingredient to have and is a little less common. Its actually an estrogen blocker. Meaning it helps reduce the amount of estrogen your body produces. 

Other benefits do also include improved libido, strength and stamina.

Vitamin B

Testogen has added Vitamin B6 into its formula. This has 4 effects on the body;

  1. It helps increase metabolism to help with losing weight and boosting energy levels
  2. Your body produces more Serotonin (the feel-good hormone)
  3. It helps the body to increase the amount of testosterone it can produce
  4. Slows down estrogen production

It's a very impressive ingredient


One of the main ingredients found in testosterone boosters is zinc. If it doesn't have zinc in it, I wouldn't use it. 

There have been so many studies done on zinc, showing that it does help with testosterone. Why do you think Oysters are eaten to get you in the mood?….because of the zinc content….

Magnesium – 200mg

Magnesium is something that can come from the food we eat. Although we still don't tend to get enough so it's often recommended to use a supplement to get more. 

Studies have actually shown that Magnesium increased testosterone by 26%. Which is massive!

Boron – 8mg

Boron works in two different ways. The first is that it helps to reduce the levels of estrogen. Which is a good thing when looking to boost testosterone…

It then helps to increase testosterone production. In a study men took 10mg per week and saw an increase of 28%. Using Testogen you get 56 mg per week…

Nettle Leaf Extract – 40mg

Like the other ingredients, Nettle Leaf has several benefits to your testosterone.

First of all it increases the testosterone in your bloodstream. This helps our body to produce more muscle. 

Next up it attaches itself to a protein known as SHGB. Without the nettle leaf this will just attach to testosterone, which reduces its effectiveness. 

The nettle frees up your testosterone from SHGB, which results in higher levels.

Vitamin K1 – 20mcg

Vitamin K1 is a little different to the rest of the ingredients. This one doesn't actually increase testosterone…(So why have it, I hear you say!) 

I thought the same! 

After doing some research, I soon discovered why. You see, Vitamin K helps your body to absorb Vitamin D better. As you're able to absorb the ingredient more, it makes it even more effective.

Bioperine – 5mg

The final ingredient in the Testogen formula is Bioperine. It works very similarly to Vitamin K. It basically helps your body to absorb all the other ingredients better. 

So you see faster, and more effective results from using Testogen.

Who Should Use Testogen?

Do you even need a testosterone booster like Testogen? 

The truth is anyone over the age of 30 would benefit from supplements like this…and ill explain why.

Our testosterone levels continue to increase until we reach 21. (It’s at its highest during puberty) Once we hit 21, your testosterone levels begin to decrease every year.

Age is not the only reason our testosterone levels lower. Diet and lifestyle can also impact your levels. 

Below are just some of the benefits you could see if you buy Testogen;

  • Improved Energy Levels
  • Increased Muscle Development
  • Boost To Strength
  • Develop Lean Muscle
  • Improved Muscle Tone
  • Effective Weight Loss
  • Reduced Body Fat %
  • Increased Endurance
  • Improved Focus & Concentration 
  • Increased Sex Drive
  • Improves Overall Mood

What is Good & Bad About Testogen?

Before I started using Testogen, I wanted to do a lot of research. You need to look at the good as well as the bad of any product. 

You want to make sure it’s right for you…

I’m going to go through the things that I didn’t like about Testogen first, to get them out the way. 

  • It’s only available online – This does put some people off as they like to buy a physical product. Instead of ordering online. It’s not always a bad thing though. It ensures you get the genuine product, it's more private and it even helps to keep the price down. 
  • You need to take 4 pills a day – It’s a decent amount and I’m not used to taking pills. However since it offers high dosages, you’re going to need to take more. 

That’s the bad things out the way, let’s get to the good things about Testogen

  • Packed with 11 proven & effective ingredients – Testogen has picked each ingredient with care. Based on a lot of research I have done, they all either help boost testosterone, block estrogen or improve the effectiveness of the other ingredients.
  • High dosages used – I love the fact that Testogen is JAM PACKED with high dosages to give the body what it needs. 
  • No Proprietary Blends – I like the fact that Testogen share all of the ingredients and dosages. They don’t hide behind proprietary blends. This means they have a lot of faith in the formula.
  • Savings Available The price of the product is low compared to competitors but you can save even more money. They have a discount code on the website as well as offering free shipping & a buy 2 get 1 free deal.
  • You Will See NO SIDE EFFECTS – Since it's made from natural ingredients, you should not see any negative effects.

Results – The final thing I love is my Testogen results. More energy, weight loss, improved muscle and a nice kick to my libido. I am INCREDIBLY happy with it.

Testogen Reviews

You are probably wondering the same thing I was when looking into Testogen…Does it actually work? 

The only way you’re going to know that is if you give it a go or find out what other people thought of it. 

So since I’ve used it, I thought I’d share my personal thoughts….

When I decided to buy Testogen for the first time, I went for the 3 bottle package with the drops. (I like the idea of quick results from the drops

The pills arrived pretty quickly, I think within a week and was packaged really well. 

The drops themselves are pretty good, you do feel a bit of hit with energy pretty quickly. I don’t know if it was placebo but I generally felt like my mood improved a little. 

Now with the pills, it took around 3 days for me to start seeing any results. This does make sense as the ingredients need time to build up in your system. 

At first I felt like I had a lot more energy in the morning when I woke up. Normally I’m a bit sluggish and it takes me at least two cups of coffee to get me moving. 

I was up and ready to take on the day as soon as I opened my eyes!

Now I wouldn’t call myself a moody person, although I did often get a bit snappy. (Probably due to the broken sleep). I noticed when taking Testogen that I slept better at night and I was much happier during the day. 

It’s hard to describe but I just felt lighter, like less things were bothering me. 

I had been going to the gym but to be honest over the last few months I was feeling demotivated due to lack of results. 

After about two weeks of taking Testogen, I started to notice my body fat % decreasing slightly. I also noticed I was able to gradually lift heavier weights and do more reps. 

I even found that I could workout for much longer. 

I just felt so much younger! 

 So overall, I am very happy and will continue to use it. 

Conclusion: Does Testogen Work?

I have researched ingredients and used a decent amount of products to try  and increase my testosterone. Testogen in my opinion is the best. 

It’s made from well-known ingredients that are actually based on clinical studies. The formula is a unique blend that not just boost testosterone but also help in other ways, such as reducing estrogen production and boosting energy levels. 

You just have to look on the internet and see all of the positive reviews of Testogen. 

So based on my research into ingredients, using Testogen and looking at feedback from other people. I can honestly recommend it and I think it will give you the results that you are looking for.

I hope this Testogen review has helped. If you do have any questions please get in touch. 

Testogen Review 2021 – #1 Recommendation

  • Increased Energy
  • Enhanced Strength
  • Reduced Body Fat
  • Improved Muscle Growth
  • 11 Powerful & Proven Ingredients
  • Fast & Effective Results