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Last update: 2/22/17

Text X180 Ignite is one of the hopeful new stars in a lineup of classic and well-known test booster products from Force Factor

Check out the Ignite Review and see how Force Factor did


test x180 ignite reviewProduct Highlights:

  • Builds muscle
  • Burns fat
  • Increases libido
  • Improves overall endurance and performance


Test x180 Ignite Review Summary


Test x180 Ignite is a multi-purpose testosterone booster that emphasizes enhancing the libido more than anything else, and it also adds a fat burning component to it. The trouble with multi-purpose products is that they typically don't do anything exceptionally well. It's okay for a libido enhancer and marginal as a fat burner. The biggest problem with this product is that it includes two different "blends" that don't include the individual dosages of each of the ingredients included in the blend, so you have no way of knowing how powerful and effective the overall product really is.

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Who is Force Factor?

A maker of sports nutrition products designed mainly to boost testosterone, this beleaguered company has suffered a damaged reputation with customers…although not because of their product but mainly because of billing issues.

However, reputation is everything so we were curious to see if the Ignite product was going to help Force Factor gain back the award-winning reputation it once had.

We set out to find out…and here are the results:

What is Text X180 Ignite?

Text X180 Ignite is a testosterone boosting dietary supplement which claims to:

  • increase energy (burn fat)
  • increase libido (boost sex drive)
  • improve performance (build muscle)

Since it works on several levels and targets multiple areas of performance, Test X180 is designed to eliminate the need to be taking multiple supplements concurrently. That could explain the slightly higher cost at $80 per bottle (Force Factor’s original Test X180 costs $10 less).

How does it do these things?

Text X180 Ignite contains a unique blend of ingredients that sets it apart. They’re divided into 2 groups, according to targeted effect:

  • Manliness Ignition Matrix: contains fenugreek seed extract, Green Tea Leaf Extract, Avene Sativa Extract, Horny Goat Weed Extract…all for the libido
  • Fat Incineration Complex: contains Green Tea Leaf Extract, Caffeine, Green Coffee Extract, White Tea Extract…all for fat burning.

test x180 ignite ingredients

The Star Ingredient in the Manliness Ignition Matrix: Testofen®

The one thing to note is that the Fenugreek in Test x180 Ignite is a little special. In fact, the libido-enhancing properties of the Ignite product are hinged upon a compound known as “Testofen®”, which is an extract derived from Fenugreek.

(Fenugreek, which if you know anything about sexual enhancers, has been used for centuries in traditional medicine for “manliness”.)

Back to what sets Ignite apart: it contains not just any old version of fenugreek, but the patented extract Testofen®. There’s good science behind the effectiveness of Testofen®…all you have to do is visit the Gencor website (they’re the ones who patented this compound) to read about it.

This stuff really seems to increase free testosterone levels in men to take it. Force Factor has loaded Test x180 Ignite with more Testofen® than what’s found in the Test x180 Alpha product, hence the targeting of libido just slightly more than maximizing power.

How is “Ignite” Different?

The Ignite version of the Test 180X product focuses primarily on the libido and the enhanced fat burning aspects of testosterone boosting. The other Test X180 products don’t have the same blend of ingredients and don’t focus quite so much on libido.

No other Test X180 product has all these ingredients:

  • Horny Goat Weed for libido
  • Caffeine for energy
  • EGCG from Green Tea for energy
  • Avena Sativa Extract

What’s the Verdict on Test x180 Ignite?

Test X180 Ignite certainly does an adequate job and it’s primarily because the unique blend of ingredients which deliver everything a man might need for performance, with a tilt towards the libido side of things. With this all-purpose formula, the need to be taking additional supplements could conceivably be erased.  In our experience reviewing countless supplements, this almost always sounds better in theory than in practice though.

We conceptually like the Test x180 Ignite product and the named ingredients. We also appreciate the importance given to natural ingredients in Test X180 Ignite.

However, having said that we can’t honestly say its the best testosterone booster on the market.

The Biggest Problem With Test x180 Ignite

The biggest problem with this product has to do with the Manliness Ignition Matrix and the Fat Incineration Complex.  If you’ve read any other reviews on this site, you know that these terms are a fancy way describing “blends”.  This is where a company tells you what great ingredients are included, but they don’t tell you what the dosages are of each of those ingredients so you have no way of knowing how powerful and effective it really is and you don’t know exactly how much of any one ingredient you’re ingesting into your body.

As a reviewer, I HAVE to know exactly how much of each ingredient comes with the product.  It’s like saying you get horsepower with your car, but they don’t tell you how much horsepower you’re getting so you have no way of knowing how the car will perform.

You, as the consumer also make determinations of whether you’re going to buy a product and ultimately put it into your body based on knowing exactly what ingredients are included and how much of each ingredient.

A common practice in the supplement industry is for a company to tout high profile ingredients together in a “blend” so they claim they have proven ingredients, but then they skimp on the dosages so they can save money for their own corporate coffers.

The regular consumer thinks they are getting a high quality product because of the high profile ingredients, but they don’t realize that even if a product has powerful and proven ingredients, if they don’t have a high enough dose, then they won’t get the results they expected.  I don’t know if Force Factor is playing that game or not.  I certainly hope not, but regardless, it’s impossible to really recommend a product when you don’t have exact dosages of each of the ingredients.


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