Opti-Tribulus Review

Read the Opti-Tribulus review and see where this test booster stacks up compared to the others.  It’s only got one ingredient….is it enough?


Opti-Tribulus Review Summary


This test booster is what we would consider a very average product. Its only ingredient is Tribulus Terrestris, but at least you get 300mg. One trick ponies never seem to rate very high with us. From a scientific perspective, the jury is still out on Tribulus with regards to what kind of testosterone boosting qualities it actually possesses. Here's what is not being debated about Tribulus - it is a fantastic libido enhancer. So if you are mainly looking for a testosterone booster to help your sex drive, then you should take a look at this product.

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Opti-Tribulus Product Description

Opti-Tribulus is test booster developed by a company called Pharmamuscle.  Pharmamuscle makes various sports supplement products, and they are the first UK Sports Nutrition brand to be approved by the Vegetarian Society.

Opti-Tribulus Ingredients

This product is a 100% pure and potent formulation of the very popular natural testosterone booster ingredient called Tribulus Terrestris. This product boasts a high 95% saponin content (the active ingredient in tribulus terrestris) and it provides 300mg of tribulus terrestris per capsule.

What We Liked About Opti-Tribulus

We like the Tribulus Terrestris ingredient because it is solid and studied when it comes to boosting testosterone levels.  We also like the fact that it’s got a 95% saponin content level – very powerful and potent.

What We Didn’t Like About Opti-Tribulus

Tribulus Terrestris is a great ingredient, but typically we have found that the best testosterone boosters stack other boosting ingredients (Long Jack, D-Aspartic Acid, DHEA, etc) with it to make it even more effective at producing testosterone boosting results.

The dosage level is in the respectable range at 300mg, but it would be better in our opinion if the dosage was higher.  We also didn’t see any specials in terms free shipping or buy x get x free deals like we’ve seen with other products.


Opti-Tribulus is an average test booster product at best.  It’s probably what we would consider a lower mid-tier product.  In our minds, to be a top tier product, we like products that combine or stack a variety of testosterone boosting ingredients into a powerful blend vs. just having a product with one single ingredient.  The 300mg dosage was okay, though we would rather see the dosage higher.

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