Nugenix Review

Nugenix Review

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Nugenix Testosterone Booster

There's very little debate about Nugenix probably being probably the most popular testosterone booster advertised on TV. It's where I first heard of Nugenix, and it's probably accepted that Nugenix is the most well-marketed testosterone boosters on the market right now as well. The question that was definitely at the top of our minds was whether or not that great marketing and advertising translated into a powerful and potent T booster that really produced results. After doing a thorough review, what we found out is that the company behind Nugenix is better at marketing and advertising than they are at producing a top tier testosterone booster. With only four proven ingredients to boost T, a proprietary blend missing all the individual dosages, and the few dosages that were shown were underdosed leave this product is rated below average. There are far better test boosters on the market. Recommend that you keep looking and don't get sucked into the marketing hype and attention behind this product. Unfortunately, great marketing isn't going to increase your testosterone levels.


  • ​Has 6 total ingredients
  • Contains 4 ingredients that are proven to help increase testosterone
  • 14-day free trial offered


  • Only 3 of the 6 ingredients show individual dosages
  • Only 4 out of the 6 ingredients have been proven to boost testosterone
  • The dosages that are shown are severely under-dosed
  • Contains a Proprietary blend for the Nugenix® Free Testosterone Complex
  • 14-day Trial signs you up automatically for monthly enrollment
  • Average to below average customer testimonials
nugenix review

Overall Rating 2 out of 5 stars

below average review verdict





Nugenix Video Review

Not into reading through all the details? Check out the video review instead!

It is heavily marketed, and many men have come to know the name Nugenix because it is also one of the few testosterone boosters that is advertised on television.

We decided to look under the covers of this test booster to determine if its popularity was strictly due to excellent marketing & advertising, or if it really had the proven power and potency of some the better testosterone boosters we've reviewed.

Nugenix has a number of different product supplements, but for today, we will be reviewing the Nugenix Free Testosterone Booster product.

The Testosterone Supplement

Testosterone is a hormone that is produced by the body and can be found in both men and women. Granted, women don’t produce nearly as much as men do; it is still there circulating within their bodies. What is interesting though is how important testosterone is especially to men’s health.

Testosterone is a crucial hormone and each male needs an adequate amount in order to function properly. It doesn’t matter how old you are, you need testosterone in your body to function properly. Unfortunately, though it is possible to see low levels of this hormone, especially the older a man gets. If you experience chronically low levels which are called “Low T” you could possibly experience insomnia, depression, and even a low libido or sexual drive.

Luckily though we no longer live in a time when older men have to chalk Low T to old age. We now have supplements that one can take to boost the testosterone and stay in the game longer. With scientific advances in the medical field, men can now regain something of their former selves and maintain a healthy level of testosterone through supplements.

Of course, testosterone supplements don’t just benefit the silver foxes. They can also help younger men as well. Especially those who hit the gym on a regular basis trying to build muscle mass to impress the ladies.

While it doesn’t matter why you need testosterone supplements you will find a plethora of products on the market today. The choices seem to be endless. So which one will be right for you? When you stroll down the aisle of the health food store or online you will be bombarded with choices. The different brands and ingredients can become daunting. So how do you pick the one that will work best for your body?

The Benefits of Testosterone

When you start looking for a testosterone supplement how do you know if it is working? Well, generally speaking, when you found one that works with your body you will see yourself gaining muscle mass. You will also notice an increase in stamina and heal faster. You will also notice an improvement in your mood and outlook on life.

benefits of healthy testosterone

When you are taking the correct supplement the sky is the limit and you feel great. However, it is possible that you could pick one that just doesn't seem to produce the benefits or the results.

Picking the Right Testosterone Booster

Picking the right testosterone booster is very important to maintain a healthy body and mind. But with all the ads and products how do you determine which one is the right one?

Before you purchase any testosterone supplement you need to consider a few things. You need to look at the ingredients of the product.

Are the ingredients scientifically proven to boost testosterone?

You also need to check and make sure that the individual ingredient dosages are listed out, so you can determine if they've put enough of each of the ingrediens in the formula to make it effective.

Next, you should check online to see what other people are saying about the product. After all, you won’t buy a new car without checking under the hood right? So why do it with a supplement that could mess with your hormonal levels which are basically the engine of the body?

Nugenix: Testosterone Booster

Out of all the products you can find on the market one in particular stands out from the crowd, Nugenix. When doing a quick search you will discover that thousands of men from all walks of life are researching and buying this particular testosterone booster. Granted, that doesn’t mean that Nugenix is the best of the best, it simply means that it is popular and worth looking into.

Nugenix Ingredients

Every supplement lives or dies by the ingredients list, so we closely looked at the ingredients formulation of the Nugenix booster.

nugenix ingredients label

Four of these ingredients have shown positive results in clinical studies to increase testosterone and boost energy. Zinc alone has proven to increase sperm count, libido, and sexual performance. Plus the Vitamins B12 and B6 are well-known energy boosters.

Nugenix Testosterone Complex

Now when you look at the back of the bottle or the ingredient list online you will notice “The Nugenix Testosterone Complex” which is the remaining ingredients listed. The idea is that each ingredient should be a proven testosterone booster and work together to give you the best testosterone supplement you can find.

In this case, the Nugenix Testosterone Complex is supposed to be where the real test boosting power and punch come from, so you would expect a large combination of different proven ingredients, right? ​Their test boosting complex only has three ingredients: Tribulus Terrestris, L-Citrulline Malate, and Fenugreek extract. That's only three ingredients, and on top of that, only one of them is scientifically proven to boost testosterone, and that's Fenugreek.

The problems don't end there, unfortunately. The dosages of these ingredients are unknown. 

The list on the back of the bottle doesn’t give you any detail on how much of what ingredient is in each capsule. It is important to the dosages in order to determine Nugenix effectiveness.

Since Nugenix lists the main ingredients as a “proprietary blend” aka “The Nugenix Testosterone Complex” the manufacturer doesn’t have to give an exact dosage of each ingredient. All that is shown is that Nugenix’s total content of its three main ingredients is 2,103 mg. That's a problem for us as reviewers and us (or you) as consumers.

Nugenix Reviews

If you go online and look up reviews from real users you will find mixed reviews. Most people seem to either love the product or hate it. There's not really a lot of in between.

A good place to go to get a sense or feel as to how well a product is doing it to check on Amazon, when it's an option, and go through the real user feedback.

So that's what we did, and here's what found.​ An average of 3.5 stars on 623 reviews. We took a screenshot of some reviewer comments indicating that people either love or hate this product.

nugenix customer reviews
nugenix amazon reviews

Does Nugenix Work?

Having not personally tried the product myself, I can tell you that science says that this should be a relatively weak product as far as boosting testosterone levels are concerned. Only one ingredient in their test boosting complex actually boosts testosterone.

Problem is you don't even know how much of that one good ingredient you're getting. The other ingredients where they show you the dosages, are actually good ingredients, but the problem with them is that they are dosed so low that they don't do anything.

Why include Zinc (a known and proven testosterone booster) only for it to be 1 mg? What's the point of having it, other than to be able to claim that you have x number of proven ingredients. Yes, you have Ferrari type ingredients, but no engines in the Ferraris.

Nugenix Side Effects

Are there any negative side effects to taking Nugenix? There is nothing in the ingredients list that would indicate any type of negative or harmful side effects you might receive by taking this product.

Is Nugenix Safe?

Yes, by all accounts, Nugenix is a perfectly safe and harmless product, and there are no reported issues that we are aware of with the safety of this product.

Should You Try Nugenix?

If your objective is to boost your testosterone levels so you can experience all the physical, mental, and emotional health benefits associated with that, then we would highly recommend that you look at other more proven boosters that are backed by science and dosages to match.

Where To Buy Nugenix

If your mind is just set on Nugenix, despite the average review score we are going to give this booster, you can purchase the production on Amazon. See below.

nugenix review
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Nugenix Review Verdict

Based on its popularity in the market, Nugenix seems like it should be one of the top testosterone boosters on the market. They do great marketing and great advertising, and clearly their ability to market well has paid off as they are one of the most popular test boosters around.

All in all, though, we rated Nugenix BELOW AVERAGE for overall effectiveness.

Why? The two show stoppers for us with this product were:

  1. It didn't have enough proven test boosting ingredients. You really need a minimum of 5 core proven test boosting ingredients to even be considered in the above average category.
  2. It didn't show the dosages of the heart and soul of the product which is their Nugenix Testosterone Complex. Without listed dosage levels of each and every ingredient, you can't know the effectiveness of any ingredient.

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