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sunlight-best-testosterone-booster-freeWhen it comes to boosting your testosterone levels, we are constantly on the look out for the best testosterone booster for our readers. We will continue to review each and every test booster that we come across so we can determine which one is the best test booster is out on the market. Along with finding and providing information on the best testosterone boosters, we also like to look at other natural ways to really make a difference in raising your testosterone levels.


Other ways to raise testosterone beyond just using test boosters are:

We have posted more in-depth information on the burst training, muscle building training, and test booster foods, but this post is going to zero in and focus on the best testosterone booster that is actually free! The SUN!!

I know, when I first started doing research on natural ways to boost testosterone, I kept seeing sunlight listed, and honestly, I didn’t give it much credence. I thought it was something that just sounded good in theory, but really wasn’t true. I have to say that the more research I do on how sunlight is a natural test booster, the more convinced and completely sold I am on this.

The key to how sunlight is one of the best test boosters is its connection to Vitamin D. In numerous studies, Vitamin D is linked to increased production level of testosterone. That’s why foods rich in Vitamin D are also considered natural testosterone boosters.

Other side benefits of Vitamin D, in addition to being a testosterone booster, are that it is integral in helping the body to absorb calcium ( that means it significantly helps to strengthen bones), and it has also been shown to boost your body’s immune system and other body functions.

Many doctors are now referring to Vitamin D deficiency as one of the biggest deficiencies in modern society today.

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A study by the European Journal of Endocrinology found that there was a direct correlation between men having a Vitamin D deficiency also demonstrating low testosterone levels.

Another study on Hormone and Metabolic Research was conducted in which it had two test groups of healthy, but overweight men. Both groups were dieting to reduce their weight. One group was given a daily Vitamin D supplement, and the other group was given a placebo. Both groups were monitored for one year.

The group that was given a daily dose of Vitamin D saw a consistent and measurable rise in their testosterone levels, however the group receiving the placebo saw no significant boost in their testosterone levels.

So let’s tie this awesome Vitamin D connection back to sunlight so you can see why it can be considered the best testosterone booster that is free!

About 90 per cent of the body’s Vitamin D production is produced by the skin. I’ve heard it described like our skin is akin to having a bunch of Vitamin D factories, and these “factories”  take UV sunlight rays and transform them into testosterone boosting Vitamin D.

The great thing about sunlight as a testosterone booster is the fact it is natural. I like things that are natural. This is why we like reviewing the best testosterone boosters because they help the body naturally produce more testosterone on its own rather than injecting it and raising your levels unnaturally causing your body to react negatively.

VitaminD-synthesis-testosterone-boosterSo how does this work exactly? Well, I’m not a medical doctor myself, but the process has been described by health practitioners in this way.

The ultra-violet rays from the sun (UV-B) react with something inherent in your skin called 7-Dehydrocholesterol and produces something called Cholecalciferol (D3), and this ends up in your liver. From there, it is hydroxilated into calcidiol, which is also known as 25-hydroxyvitamin D (Vitamin D)!

And the cool think about this natural process is that once your body has produced enough Vitamin D through this process, those ultra violet rays will actually prevent your body from over producing Vitamin D by degrading existing Cholecalciferol.

Now I know that we’ve been taught to fear the sun for skin cancer and hate UV rays by putting on sun block. The truth is that when you get so much sun that you’re burning yourself, then yeah, that’s not good for your body.

But if you’re getting moderate amounts of sun on a consistent basis, there are so many health benefits to the Vitamin D production including boosting your testosterone levels. I don’t think you need to worry about skin cancer simply by getting 15-30 minutes of the best testosterone booster that is absolutely free!

So look at boosting your testosterone level from a holistic perspective. The more ways you attack the problem, the better your overall results will be. Plus when you’re attacking a problem from different angles, the various solutions seem to work better as well – like they’re working in harmony with each other.


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