how testosterone affects sex drive

The Effects of Testosterone on Libido

If you don’t have adequate levels of T flowing through your body, then the quality of a man’s sex life is severely affected and the genitals literally atrophy!

One of the main signs of low testosterone is that a man can very little to even no interest in sex with his partner, and this can wreak havoc on a relationship.

Rock hard erections and sexual stimulation originate in the brain when neuronal T-receptor sites are biochemically ignited in the blood vessels, muscles, and nerves.

Note that sometimes there are other non-testosterone related issues that can cause sexual dysfunction. An example would be a blockage in the artery of the penis.The point is you don’t have to suffer the embarrassment, humiliation, or frustration with some sort of sexual dysfunction because of low T levels!

Free testosterone promotes and activates strong sexual desire and it enables performance, sexual sensation, and the ultimate degree of sexual fulfillment!

When you boost your free test levels back to adequate and healthy levels, then you can see some amazing and positive changes not only in the structure, but also the function of the sex organs, and you can once again experience an awesome, intense, and fulfilling sex life!

We will provide you with all the information you need to boost your test levels naturally and regain your confidence and sexual vitality while improving your overall health and fitness!

testosterone affects sex drive

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