the affect of testosterone on the heart

Healthy Testosterone Levels Promote A Healthy Heart

It is part of the aging process that a man will experience declining testosterone levels and a gradual weakening of the heart the older he gets. If there isn’t something else that kills an elderly man, his heart will just stop beating at some point.

As already stated, testosterone is a muscle-building hormone, and there are many T receptors in the heart. Sometimes a weakening heart can point back to some level of T hormone deficiency.

Testosterone is not only responsible for maintaining heart muscle protein synthesis, but it also helps to promote coronary artery dilation and helps to maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

There are an ever-increasing number of studies that are showing a correlation that men with healthy heart functions and capabilities typically show higher levels of test hormone in their bodies.

In China, doctors are successfully treating angina with testosterone therapy.

how T affects the heart

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