how T affects the aging process in men

Healthy Testosterone Levels = Best For Anti-Aging

There are plenty of studies available showing that many of the degenerative diseases in aging men, such as cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, and Type-II diabetes show some form of correlation to a deficiency in test levels.

Very often you will see some common characteristics of middle age and older age males such an increase in belly fat, decreased energy, depression, major loss of energy and stamina, cognitive decline, loss of sexual desire, and depression – all characteristics that can be associated with low levels of T.

healthy testosterone is best for anti-aging
how cortisol kills testosterone

A consistent and alarming finding in aging males with low T levels shows an excess production of one of the most dangerous hormones called cortisol.

Some industry experts have dubbed cortisol “the death hormone” because of the deeply degenerative effects that it produces, such as brain cell injury, arterial wall damage, and immune dysfunction, just to name a few.

Make no mistake - Cortisol is a TESTOSTERONE KILLER!

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