D Aspartic Acid Benefits and Side Effects

D Aspartic Acid Benefits and Side Effects

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d aspartic acid benefits and side effects

Why D-Aspartic Acid?

It used to be that only older men had to deal with aging issues like decreasing testosterone levels. However, times are changing, and unfortunately, not for the better.

There's been a disturbing trend that has been emerging, and that trend is that men of today's modern time are experiencing faster declines in their testosterone levels than compared to previous generations.

According to the latest research, a man today has roughly 20% less testosterone flowing through their body than that same man would have had even 20 years ago.

It seems as though there are a variety of modern day environmental and lifestyle factors that have caused this continued slide of testosterone levels in the wrong direction. Now even men in their 20s and 30s are starting to complain about low T levels.

When T levels are low, the overall effects on a man's body can be tremendous since testosterone is so instrumental in healthy and optimal body and mind function.​

benefits of healthy testosterone

Now we're getting to the WHY behind D Aspartic Acid (DAA or D-AA). Men are becoming increasingly more aware of the benefits and the needs of having healthy levels of testosterone.

They're also realizing that their T levels are dropping faster and feeling the real world effects of having low levels of testosterone, and it's really impacting their lives in a negative way.

Because of this, men are looking at ways to boost or increase their testosterone, and due to the dangerous and negative side effects of testosterone replacement therapy, they're really zoned in on natural ways to boost testosterone levels.

This is where testosterone boosters enter the picture.

Test boosters are supplement formulations made up of a collection of individual ingredients that ​have been proven to boost testosterone. When these ingredients are combined, they create an especially powerful force behind getting a man's body to produce more of its own free flowing testosterone.

One of the most popular ingredients that you'll find in some of the most effective testosterone boosters is D-Aspartic Acid.​

What Is D Aspartic Acid?

D-Aspartic Acid is an essential amino acid, meaning that it is naturally found and created within the body. As it is with testosterone, there are also factors such as diet and age that determine how much is in your body.

Amino acids like D-AA are often referred to as the building blocks of life due to the integral role they play in so many different body functions from childhood all the way through adulthood.

As far as diet is concerned, a few good sources of natural aspartic acid would be beef, salmon, peanuts, eggs, and lentils, just to name a few.

D Aspartic Acid Benefits

There's a reason why we're seeing D-AA in more and more testosterone boosters, and that reason is because there's been quite a bit of scientific research and evidence pointing to the fact that DAA is quite effective at boosting testosterone.

Especially Effective For Men With Low T Levels

It looks like D aspartic acid is most effective in men that have lower levels of testosterone to begin vs. men that have normal healthy levels of T flowing through their body.

This study was conducted on two sets of men with healthy testosterone levels. One set of men were given 3g of D aspartic daily and the other group was given none. Both groups were given a 28-day weight lifting routine.

The results of test was that both groups showed significant improvement in their strength and muscle mass, however, they did not see any increase in the testosterone levels of the group that had taken D aspartic acid. (study)

DAA Increases Luteinizing Hormone

DAA has been shown to increase luteinizing hormones, which are the precursors to increasing testosterone. (study)

When luteinizing hormones (LH) are increased it sends a signal to the testes to produce more testosterone.

This study showed that D-Aspartic Acid can increase luteinizing hormone and testosterone by over 45% in as little as 13 days​ (study)


There appears to be some evidence that D-AA increases the fertility of men. There was one study in particular that noted that a group of men went from 0 conceptions to 26.6% reporting conceptions over a 90-day period of time supplementing with D aspartic acid.

Seminal Motility

Seminal motility has been shown to increase 50%-100% in men who are supplementing with D aspartic acid.

Sperm Count

Men supplementing with DAA have been shown to have an increase of sperm between 50% - 100%.

Cascading Benefits Of Increased Testosterone Levels

Since D aspartic acid is shown to ultimately increase testosterone levels, then you can expect all the secondary benefits that come along with healthy T levels:

  • Increased lean muscle
  • Reduced belly fat
  • Increased sex drive and improved sexual performance
  • More energy and stamina
  • More mental focus and clarity
  • Better overall mood and outlook
  • Stronger bone density
  • Better overall heart health​

Once you really examine D-Aspartic Acid closely and fully comprehend how powerful it is, you can see why it is fast becoming one of the most popular testosterone boosting ingredients ever, and why Bodybuilding.com called it THE NEXT BIG THING

D-Aspartic Acid Side Effects

Another reason why D Aspartic Acid is popular is because along with all the benefits it provides, there don't appear to be any negative side effects to taking this natural testosterone booster.

The normal instructions or precautions that you would take with any supplement apply to D aspartic acid as well, and that is to just follow the instructions and take as directed and don't go crazy trying to overdose it.

This isn't a situation where the more you take the more testosterone you're going to produce. Science shows that a daily dosage of between 1500 mg and 3000 mg is what you should be taking in order to get the maximum effectiveness of DAA.​

DAA Summary

D-Aspartic Acid is definitely one of the hottest test boosting ingredients on the market right now, and after going through various medical studies, it's easy to see why it's so darn popular.

It's an incredibly powerful test boosting ingredient that has been shown to be particularly ​effective in men that are struggling with lower levels of testosterone, and that's the sweet spot for this amino acid.

It's natural with no known negative side effects, and that spells win/win in our book!​

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