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How Testosterone Affects Muscle Mass And Strength

how testosterone affects muscle mass

What’s The Connection Between Testosterone And Muscle Mass?Not only does increased testosterone improve libido and sexual health, bone density, body composition, and a whole host of other important bodily functions, but it also increases your MUSCLE MASS and overall STRENGTH! How does testosterone maintain and enhance strength and muscle mass? It does it by increasing muscle protein […]

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HIIT Increases Testosterone

hiit increases testosterone naturally

How High Intensity Interval Training Increases Testosterone and Melts FatTalk about a win/win/win situation! High Intensity Interval Training is one the best forms of exercise because it increases testosterone, increases human growth hormone, and it burns fat like no other form of exercise, and it continues to burn fat for an additional 24-36 hours after you’re […]

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Lifting Weights Increases Testosterone

doing squats increases testosterone

Men are just less physical in today’s modern society than they have been in the past. The premise is that when you are physical you are taxing your body and causing it to produce a hormonal response (increase testosterone and human growth hormone) in order to accomplish the physical task at hand. This is why weight lifting […]

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