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Foods That Kill Testosterone

5 foods that kill testosterone

Top 5 Foods That Kill T-LevelsUnderstanding and knowing which power foods are the best for increasing T is only half of the equation from a dietary consumption perspective.  The other half of the equation is to understand which foods are actually killing your T levels by producing excess estrogen.   At a high level you want to […]

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Foods That Increase Testosterone

foods that increase testosterone

The Foods You Eat MatterThere’s no question that what you consume in your diet plays a very large and significant role in your natural testosterone production. The first dietary step in increasing your testosterone levels is to get the knowledge of which foods have been studied and proven to increase testosterone. Certain foods contain specific testosterone boosting […]

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How Testosterone And Weight Are Connected

losing weight increases testosterone

Why Do Overweight Men Almost Always Have Lower Levels of Testosterone?There seems to be a very connected and intertwined relationship between weight and testosterone. As you gain weight, your testosterone levels will naturally decrease. By the same token, as you lose weight, your testosterone levels will naturally rise. To go along with this, as your testosterone […]

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How Sunlight Increases Testosterone

sunlight increases testosterone

Sunlight – The Best Natural and Free Test BoosterOne of the easiest ways to boost your T for free is as easy as getting about 15 to 20 minutes of direct sunlight on a daily basis. What’s the magic ingredient in sunlight that makes it a natural testosterone booster?Sunlight is a potent and powerful source of […]

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How Chronic Stress Kills Testosterone

how chronic stress kills testosterone

There are real enemies of healthy high levels of testosterone in your body, and in the top three of that list is the testosterone killer called cortisol. Cortisol, often referred to as the stress hormone, induces muscle breakdown and causes visceral fat gain. It also slows down the immune system and lowers testosterone levels in the […]

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Why More Men Are Suffering From Low T

declining testosterone

Men Are Losing Testosterone Faster Than EverGuys, here’s the deal – our testosterone levels are dropping faster than ever before! Sure, we naturally lose around 1%-1.25% of our testosterone year over year with age, but it looks like today’s modern life is really taking a toll on our manhood. There are new environmental and lifestyle […]

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Testosterone Boosters vs Testosterone Replacement

testosterone injections

What’s the difference between a test booster and testosterone replacement therapy?Test boosters are a combination of purposely selected natural and safe supplemental ingredients that work together specifically to help the body maximize it’s own production of T hormone. That’s the key difference with test boosters. You’re increasing your own natural t-levels rather than having foreign outside testosterone […]

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How Testosterone Affects Your Sex Drive

how testosterone affects sex drive

The Effects of Testosterone on LibidoIf you don’t have adequate levels of T flowing through your body, then the quality of a man’s sex life is severely affected and the genitals literally atrophy! One of the main signs of low testosterone is that a man can very little to even no interest in sex with his […]

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How Testosterone Affects The Heart

the affect of testosterone on the heart

Healthy Testosterone Levels Promote A Healthy HeartIt is part of the aging process that a man will experience declining testosterone levels and a gradual weakening of the heart the older he gets. If there isn’t something else that kills an elderly man, his heart will just stop beating at some point. As already stated, testosterone is […]

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How Testosterone Affects Aging

how T affects the aging process in men

Healthy Testosterone Levels = Best For Anti-AgingThere are plenty of studies available showing that many of the degenerative diseases in aging men, such as cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, and Type-II diabetes show some form of correlation to a deficiency in test levels. Very often you will see some common characteristics of middle age and older age males […]

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