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How Sunlight Increases Testosterone

sunlight increases testosterone

Sunlight – The Best Natural and Free Test BoosterOne of the easiest ways to boost your T for free is as easy as getting about 15 to 20 minutes of direct sunlight on a daily basis.  What’s the magic ingredient in sunlight that makes it a natural testosterone booster? Sunlight is a potent and powerful […]

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How Chronic Stress Kills Testosterone

how chronic stress kills testosterone

There are real enemies of healthy high levels of testosterone in your body, and in the top three of that list is the testosterone killer called cortisol.  Cortisol, often referred to as the stress hormone, induces muscle breakdown and causes visceral fat gain. It also slows down the immune system and lowers testosterone levels in […]

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D Aspartic Acid Benefits and Side Effects

d aspartic acid benefits and side effects

Why D-Aspartic Acid?It used to be that only older men had to deal with aging issues like decreasing testosterone levels. However, times are changing, and unfortunately, not for the better. There’s been a disturbing trend that has been emerging, and that trend is that men of today’s modern time are experiencing faster declines in their testosterone levels […]

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Tongkat Ali Benefits And Side Effects

benefits and side effects of tongkat ali

What Is Tongkat AliIt’s not uncommon to see Tongkat Ali listed as part of the main ingredients formula of popular testosterone boosters and sexual performance supplements. In this article we intend to explore the different benefits and side effects of Tongkat Ali. Our primary goal is to confirm whether or not this is a scientifically proven active ingredient to boost testosterone. When you consider testosterone […]

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Testosterone Boosters

testosterone booster reviews

What Is A Testosterone Booster?A natural test booster is a safe, legal, and all-natural supplement that is used to help maximize the body’s own production of the male testosterone hormone in the blood stream – without negative side effects! Scientifically studied and proven ingredients work synergistically with each other to create a dramatic hormonal effect of […]

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Testosterone Boosters vs Testosterone Replacement

testosterone injections

What’s the difference between a test booster and testosterone replacement therapy?Test boosters are a combination of purposely selected natural and safe supplemental ingredients that work together specifically to help the body maximize it’s own production of T hormone. That’s the key difference with test boosters. You’re increasing your own natural t-levels rather than having foreign outside testosterone […]

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How Testosterone And Weight Are Connected

losing weight increases testosterone

There is a very connected and intertwined relationship between weight and testosterone. As you gain weight, your testosterone levels will naturally decrease. By the same token, as you lose weight, your testosterone levels will naturally rise. To go along with this, as your testosterone levels rise, it will actually become easier to lose more weight because […]

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6 Reasons To Boost Your Testosterone That You Probably Don’t Know About

6 reasons to boost your testosterone

As men, our bodies require adequate levels of test hormone to maintain youthful neurological function and cardiac output. From a mental and emotional perspective, there are numerous studies that show men with depression often times suffer from lower levels of T.  For some men, boosting their T levels could actually be a very effective antidepressant […]

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Why Boost Your Testosterone

why boost your testosterone

Isn’t Testosterone Just a Sex Hormone?Testosterone used to be thought of a just a sex hormone in years past, however, science and medical studies have shown us that it turns out that it has much more impact on a man’s health than just offering a stronger sex drive and improved performance in the bedroom. It turns […]

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HIIT Increases Testosterone

hiit increases testosterone naturally

How High Intensity Interval Training Increases Testosterone and Melts Fat Talk about a win/win/win situation!  High Intensity Interval Training is one the best forms of exercise because it increases testosterone, increases human growth hormone, and it burns fat like no other form of exercise, and it continues to burn fat for an additional 24-36 hours […]

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