6 Reasons To Boost Your Testosterone That You Probably Don’t Know About

6 reasons to boost your testosterone

As men, our bodies require adequate levels of test hormone to maintain youthful neurological function and cardiac output. From a mental and emotional perspective, there are numerous studies that show men with depression often times suffer from lower levels of T.

For some men, boosting their T levels could actually be a very effective antidepressant therapy!

You see, healthy T levels effect so many aspects of a man’s life and can also help an aging man to restore and improve overall physical strength, endurance and stamina, cardiac function, mental and cognitive acuity, sexuality, and even his mental or emotional perspective on life!

As you'll notice, a common theme on this site that testosterone is so much more than just a male sex hormone. 

Don't get me wrong - I'm not marginalizing the importance of a healthy and thriving sex life and libido - not at all.

I'm just saying that in addition to those benefits, testosterone all impacts a man's overall health and well being in more ways than JUST his sex drive and sexual performance.

Here are 6 little known reasons to boost your testosterone that most men don't even know about:


It Helps Control Blood Sugar

Out of control blood sugar levels can lead to problems with hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia, which can then turn into diabetes. Diabetes wreaks havoc on on the supply of blood to your most vital organs like your heart, eyes, nerves, and kidneys. It's also one of the leading causes of death along with cancer and heart disease.


It Helps To Regulate Cholesterol

High cholesterol are one of the key risk factors for things like strokes, heart disease due to plaque build up in the arteries of the heart. The build up of plaque in the arteries cuts off blood flow affecting the function of the heart and other organ that utilizes arteries that may be effected by the plaque build up.


It Boosts Your Immune System

A weakened immune system means you are much more susceptible to sickness and disease. Literally, every part of your body functions better and stronger with a healthy and vibrant immune system.


It Helps Oxygen Flow Throughout Your Entire Body

Many chronic diseases are the result of poor or deficient oxygen flow throughout the body. Things like chronic fatigue, dizziness, depression, lung problems, circulation problems, and chronic diseases can be directly attributed to poor oxygen flow in your body. Good oxygen flow improves things like optimizing brain functions, improving motor skills, improved heart health, aids in cell regeneration, prevention of cancerous cells, prevention of heart disease, prevention of diabetes, and more.


Synthesizes Protein

Protein synthesis has a whole host of benefits, but it is most commonly associated with creating greater muscle mass and lean body tissue. Other benefits include less hunger and lower calorie intake, less belly fat, stronger bone density, less risk of osteoporosis, better sleep, faster recovery times, lower blood pressure, and greater lifespan.


Helps Maintain Red Blood Cell Production

Red blood cells are the main transporters of oxygen to muscles and vital organs throughout your body, and #4 above already talks about how important increased oxygen is to your overall health and well-being.

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